Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Another Example of Women-Targeted Propaganda

 Women hurting women for money.


Unknown said...

FYI, Cappy, last weekend I gave my daughter "Worthless." Last night she made me proud when she came and told her mom and I that she thinks she wants to be an engineer. She specifically mentioned that she was particularly influenced by the passage about "Learn the math; love the math."
I owe you way more than the cost of the book, and I plan on giving copies to all my kids.

David Wholly said...

"Combining activism with your career choice may require creativity and resourcefulness on your part. For example, you could be a teacher contributing to activism by teaching your students about environmental, human rights and global issues."

That's the root of most of our problems, right there. Activist teachers and "critical pedagogy". This is where it all begins.