Saturday, March 17, 2007

They Took 'Ur Jobs! - The Best of Captain Capitalism

Thought this might be a funny one to repost. Sad though.

To quote one of the commenters on this post "THEY TOOK 'UR JOBS!"


mike3285 said...

no time for sex so they outsource fertilization.


Arcane said...

Oh no, Capt! We're doomed!


Captain Capitalism said...

Gentlemen, gentlemen.

please, outsourcing is a great thing.

They may have taken 'UR JOBS!!!

but, that doesn't mean we can't outsource them.

Working on a post that will probably be the best ever, but I just don't have the time to finish it in a prompt manner.

Anonymous said...

Today they are in IVF clinics taking ur jobs, tomorrow they'll be in ur base killing ur d00dz. Fair warning.

How long does a person have to work to fork out the 2,500 quid to pay for IVF treatments? Longer than it takes to get pregnant the old fashioned way, I bet.

If a person can't spare fifteen minutes three times a week to have sex, how the hell are they going to have the time to raise a child? These people are retarded.

Captain Capitalism said...

One might even tender the theory that sex is enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Trying to have children without having sex is like trying to get a hangover without getting drunk.

Captain Capitalism said...