Friday, March 09, 2007

I Actually Feel Sorry for Bush

I see hypocrisy three.

1. Here in the US they hate Bush because he doesn't do enough with ethanol and is in cahoots with big oil.

2. There they hate Bush because he's in cahoots with "Big Ethanol" and fear an Ethanol OPEC

3. These are the same scum bags that think Hugo Chavez is some great guy WHO ACTUALLY IS PART OF AN ENERGY CARTEL CALLED "OPEC!"

This just shows you that it has nothing to do with any kind of legitimate criticism against Bush, it's just a bunch of whiney little socialists that hate Bush, hate capitalism, are limitlessly envious of America and suffer from a disease I call "ATRS"

"Anything to Rationalize Socialism."

The symptoms are simple;

They want wealth to be redistributed.

They don't want to work for it or produce their own wealth.

Ergo they'll find any reason to villianize those with wealth, power or economic production as a means to provide the rationale to transfer wealth to them.

It is the epitome of greed, envy, evil and above all childishness.


Marty said...


Another bit of pure genuis from the Captain.

Anonymous said...


(It should be noted that because I am working two jobs to make ends meet, I have not had time to read the article in question)
As you are the epitome of common sense in the real estate arena, I must dispense some warning signs that I see as a 23 year veteran of the auto repair field when related to "bio fuels," particularly the current obsession with Ethanol.

The way that Ethanol is "built" now, it takes more energy to produce, than can be produced when burning it. I do not have the exact figures (I'm a Mechanic, after all, not an Economist), but ignoring the fact that producing corn, sugar cane, or what have you for fuel production, necessarily reduces the amount of the above mentioned commodities available for food consumption.

Now, taking the raw product and turning it into ethanol fuel requires energy in the form of electricity and heat. It is my understanding that it takes more BTU's to produce, than is generated at the actual combustion.

Additionally, ethanol, or any alcohol fuel, is no where near as efficient in carrying those BTU's as good old dinosaur oil. Alcohol has roughly half the BTU value as gasoline. Therefore, if you got 20 MPG on straight gasoline, you will get roughly 10 MPG with alcohol fuel. By my calculations, Ethanol will have to be half the price of gasoline in order for it to be of any value as a motor fuel. Given that much of the ethanol currently produced is done so with government subsidies, I do not see where the free market will, in the near future, embrace alcohol as a replacement for good old gasoline.

Rambling over.