Monday, March 12, 2007

Ruining My Image of Southern Belles

I like calling Geico if for any other reason that their call center is in Macon Georgia which means if I get a female customer service rep then I'm guaranteed to hear that heavenly southern belle accent.

I was first exposed to it when I attended the Ludwig Von Mises Institute at Auburn University in Alabama. I walked into the dorms, registered with the attendant and she said, "Your room sir, is 420."

A solid week of solid economics and I don't remember anything but that voice saying, "420."

Even standard conversation, the southern belle accent makes anything sound grand.

"Would you like fries with your Big Mac sir?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever, load me up, whatever you want, I'll give you my house and my car and donate blood, declare war on a small third world nation, I'm still trying to digest what you said before, keep talking, just keep talking."

So it was sad to see The Economist come up with this interesting little chart.

Mayhaps it's best I just hear their voices over the phone.


Anonymous said...

The younger ones are fine. When they hit middle age, they get huge. The solution is obvious; get yourself a fine southern woman and move to some other part of the country.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason why people in CO are thinner than everybody else?

On another note, my sister went to medical school in KY, and she said that they had a new diagnosis in the clinics: TFTW (too fat to walk)
I guess the people receiving this diagnosis usually got around on motorized scooters or wheelchairs.


Anonymous said...

Gah! Which issue of the Economist did this graphic come from? I scanned my last two issues and didn't find it. I'm curious about the meaning of the red line - it seems to track the Confederacy, but why is Kentucky included?

Anonymous said...

Overweight Southern women are better than skinny yankee women anyday. The problem is, one can't understand that unless one is southern. It's like describing red to a person blind from birth. Maybe someday God will enlighten your heart with the grace to understand. Until then, we will pray for you.

The observation that obesity tracks the Confederacy is explainable. Our food is best down here. We eat a lot of it.

Captain Capitalism said...

This was a decade ago, so I dont' know if things have changed since my last visit to the south, but I recall MANY, a BOUNTY OF PLENTY beautiful southern belles.

The food was OK, but not GRAND. Chicago has you all beat for food.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone in Chicago deep fries an entire turkey for Thanksgiving. Best one I ever had.

Chicago has some great food, don't get me wrong; but the South is definitely up there as well.