Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Send Me Your Weak, Your Tired, Your Charts

Hi All,

Busy week here in Cappy Cap World, for some reason the spring and warm weather has boosted my work load (studies on GDP growth versus warm spring temperatures anybody?), thus since I am a lazy bastard I think it's time for once again;


Yes, Captain Capitalism's Annual Chart Contest where you aspiring, junior, deputy and official economists can send in your charts and compete to win



A signed autograph of the Captain himself!

How can you NOT participate!?

E-mail your best charts to captcapitalism@yahoo.com

And I do honor my payments and prizes

Ask last year's winner, Doink!


The_Bad said...

I better win!

David_Z said...

Last year, the prize was bigger :)

BTW, I just checked my referrals, and you've sent some hundred hits my way. Insanity, I tells you!

Captain Capitalism said...

Don't thank me, thank Kate over at www.smalldeadanimals.com.

Canuck babe north of your state that brings in the hits and she linked to my site. Of course I challenged her and her Canadian bretheren to see if the Canucks could field some charts.

However, thus far, it seems only the Americans have tendered charts. Which is of course why the women of the world seem to favor Americans, because...ummm...of our renoun...uh...charting ability?

yeah, yeah, that's that ticket!

The_Bad said...

So, when do I claim the prize?