Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Soon, there will be No Private Sector

Mike Hodges over at the Grandfather Report is kind of one of the original inspirations of Captain Capitalism because during my research previous to the blogging days I would happen across his site A LOT whenst looking for particular data. He is the Yoda if you will of charting. So when I happened upon this chart it was no surprise to me that it was authored by Mr. Hodges and warrants posting.

Sadly this is a trend all of the western world is in and soon there will be no private sector.


Robert D. Brown III said...

It's the Road to Serfdom.

Anonymous said...

Everything will be fine if we can find a man who can make a plan work!

Ireland's looking better all the time.

The_Bad said...

Welcome to the People’s Republic of America, sponsored by the democrat party.