Friday, March 30, 2007

The Housing Bubble Will Increase the Divorce Rate

Hee hee hee! Trouble in paradise?

I love it when the fake richey riches have to pay the piper.

I also forecast something nobody else has forecasted about the fall out of this here housing bubble bursting;

There will be a lot of divorces as a lot of men kept their true finances from a lot of wives and whilst those wives were used to living a lifestyle of $2.3 million McMansion and driving that Lexus SUV and having sushi every night while they went and had $5 mochas with the neighborhood wives club during the day, they will soon find out their net worth is "-$200,000" and they now have to sell the house, sell the car and move to an apartment in a blue collar neighborhood.

Yeah, right, as if.


Anonymous said...

You mean they are moving to my neighborhood? Oh no!

Neo Conservative said...

hey cap... i'm no expert like yourself, but doesn't every economic cloud potentially have a silver lining?

"I'm thinkin' this Brave New Nuclear World... isn't bad news for everybody."


Captain Capitalism said...

No, you're right, there is always a winner to some economic change...even in communism a few dictators stand to gain!