Saturday, March 31, 2007

Economic Lessons in Canada Abound

Well it's a first for Captain Capitalism as this (are you ready? are you sitting down?) is the very first time I've made a post...


Yes, from scenic Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Actually, the landscape to the south is scenic and beautiful. The town itself, is (sorry my Canadian friends I hate to be so blunt) HORRIBLE!!!!

OMG! It's like a communist country in terms of the architecture here! Square, bland, gray or tan buildings. No ornate structures. The casino was literally, LITERALLY the best designed thing closely followed by the water company's building. WAL-MART is actually a better than average looking building! When I got to the "strip mall area" that cookie cutter, mass-produced suburban strip mall motif where they cram a Blockbuster in with a Subway a Starbucks an Applebee's and a Barnes and Noble all into one block it actually was a site for sore eyes!

Now, that being said, there is an AMAZING economic phenomenon going on here that shall make for a GREAT economic lesson that I shall share with ye all whenst I return.

Also, we've had some entries for Captain Capitalism's Annual Chart contest, but NONE OF OUR CANADIAN FRIENDS HAVE ENTERED! (Actually, neither have any other friends from any other countries)

It's just a bunch of us American schlepps thus far!

You don't want the Americans to dominate in yet ANOTHER field and competition do you?



Robert D. Brown III said...

I had the same experience last October 2006 visiting Scotland.

Later, I read this article:
America, in Relation to Peers

Given that Canadia is largely European in mindset and organization, it doesn't surprise me what you experience there.

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's like, Thunder Bay.
I mean really, it's considered remote even by Canadian standards (yes, I've driven through it twice). I didn't go there for the ornate minarets and cathedrals and I hope you didn't either. Thunder Bay is mostly known for mosquito breeding (albeit not at this time of year). Winnipeg would be slightly better, Calgary would be very impressive for an economist. Got to Calgary during the Stampede!