Monday, October 15, 2007

Ariel Cohen at the U of MN Law School

Hey All,

CFACT is hosting Ariel Cohen to talk about energy and Iraq. They had me come in and do a seminar a while ago, so you KNOW they have great speakers! ;)

In any case I promised them I'd let any of you aspiring, junior, deputy and otherwise interested economists know the time and location. Here's the info;

I wanted to let you know that CFACT is hosting Dr. Ariel Cohen of the
Heritage Foundation this Thursday, October 18 at 7PM in Room 55 of the
University of Minnesota Law School. You can find out more about
Cohen's bio here:

The gist of his speech is on US energy security and specifically what
would happen if a conflict with Iran erupted.
I would like to invite
you to this event, and if you believe your readers would find this
topic interesting feel free to share this information - they are also

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