Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'll Say It Again for the Cheap Seats

One of my favorite movies is "The Last Boy Scout." Damon Wayans is getting grilled by the cops about the location of Bruce Willis (Joe Hallenbeck), to which he responds;

"Look, I'll say it again for the cheap seats...I DON'T KNOW WHERE JOE HALLENBECK IS!!! That's my statement! Write it down and shove it up your ass!"

And many times, I feel the same way. When you have something that is so true, so basic, so simple, not even an issue of debate; the sky is blue, the water's wet, women have secrets, I don't know where Joe Hallenbeck is. Yet the forces that be want a different answer even if it isn't true. So I'll say it again for the cheap seats;

People, largely, vastly, do not care if you are a woman or otherwise minority running for office. They care about your stance and your abilities and what you stand for. This is why Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer are not succeeding;

And why Bobby Jindal won.

Additionally it shows that Republicans, capitalists, libertarians and other right minded, fascist goose stepping types are truly the ones that are not racist, because we judge people based on merit, not the color of their skin or their gender.

Regardless, I'd just like to see the same chart for Harry Reid.


Unknown said...

Aren't they still in their 100 hours?

Captain Capitalism said...

No, and I don't believe that 100 days honey moon BS. You either deliver results like the private sector or get your ass fired.

I'm just curious who the San Frans would replace Pelosi with.

Anonymous said...

Between Republicans, capitalists, and Libertarians, I think that capitalists have a real future.

Not as much as atheist capitalists.

Certainly not as much as Communist capitalists. Imagine how well they will do once they get the lead out.