Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Predict She Will Fail

Barring some truly genuine independent thinking, Christina Kirchner will continue the failed policies of her husband, worsen the already deteriorating economic fundamentals of Argentina,
and further cement that nepotism and cronyism are in general bad for societies.

I know everybody is excited because of the presupposition that if Christina can win, then so too can Hillary, but when we're all done with the warm fuzzies feelings and ready to look at people critically, especially when they're in important positions of power such as presidents and their decisions affect millions of normal every day folk, then maybe we can take off the rose colored glasses, absolve ourselves of sexism, overlook the fact they're females (and NOT Margaret Thatchers by any stretch of the imagination) and the "gee shucks howdy wouldn't it be swell if we had a female president" and instead treat them in a truly non-sexist, non-discriminatory fashion and ask "Gee, shucks howdy, will they really lead and help out our country or are they just riding on the coat tails of their husbands?" then I think both countries might just benefit.

Sadly I do not credit either population (Argentinians or Americans) with the intellectual fortitude and independent thinking to put ahead the idealistic desire to have the first female president ahead of their;

1. Ability to lead a country
2. Their policies and their ramifications for that country
3. The inevitable outcome, progress or lack thereof due to their election

Even if it would be on the whole, a generally positive and frankly interesting thing to have a first female president.

Thus, I predict, more so in Argentina's case than America's, Christina will prove to be more of a celebrity than an effective statesman, falling far short of a true genuine leader like Margaret Thatcher. And should Hillary get elected president, I predict the same.

For it isn't about sex or gender. That is key to understand. The key to the success of a nation and its progress is the policies that are implemented, regardless of the gender, sex, religion or race of the person implementing them. That is why I'm betting Christina will fail and Hillary would should she get elected. And why I lament the loss of Condi Rice or Walter E Williams to consider running for president. Christina will continue the policies of expansionary and reckless fiscal policy of Nestor, promise everything to everyone, and hope to high heaven commodity prices remain high so Argentina's economy can afford her vote-bribing promises, only to have it inevitably collapse like it did in 1999.

Regardless, cripes, could you imagine the fun and just outright pride that would be rejuvinated in America should Walter E Williams become "President Williams?" I might actually tune into presidential speeches then! I'll take a Walter E/Condi ticket over Hillary/Edwards any day.

Sadly it will not happen.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Christina will not be as successful as the euphoria she is engulfed in. Sadly, Walter/Condi will never happen. You know they are just oreo cookie Uncle Toms and have no chance with the "real" blacks in this country.

Alfred T. Mahan said...

Confound it, Cap'n, will you kindly NOT fill my head with such pleasant imagery as a President Williams? It completely ruins my day having to turn on the tube and see what both parties come up with nowadays in terms of ideas and oratory.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean Hillary Clinton and Amy Klobuchar.

This has been my signature on about a dozen forums on-line for well over a year now.

My ballot in '06 had more women than men on it.

Captain Capitalism said...


Yes, but we're talking about women that would in large be a benefit to the nation. Thus Condi, I'd even go Laura Ingraham.


Yes, I sit there and wonder what a wonderful world that would be with President Williams.

I can see the first sentence out of his mouth in his state of the nation address;

"Men, it's time I teach you how to lovingly treat your wives."