Friday, October 19, 2007

Hip Hop Has Nothing on the Old School

First Avenue is not just a street in Minneapolis, but also a dance hall. And to date myself (as well as dispel the notion economists are nerdy geeky guys who stay indoors all day) at First Avenue I saw;



the Revolting Cocks.

But First Avenue is also just hands down the best dance club in the Twin Cities, I might even say the US. And I remember in my college days watching on the big screen there while dancing to the Beastie Boys they had thrown up some old 1940's dance film of this tap dancing duo. Don't know why, usually they just threw up some kind of music video, but this time they threw up this dancing duo.


I asked around. Nobody knew who I was talking about. I soon forgot about my crusade to find it.

Until it occurred to me to check You Tube for it on my way back from dancing.

Here it is. You will NOT be let down;

The Nicolas Brothers in "Stormy Weather"

I just like to see the kings of Hip Hop pull off anything with 1/10th the level of this skill.


Anonymous said...

That's definitely something else.

But as amazing as it looks, it looks just a bit too camp :)

Captain Capitalism said...


That is perfection my fine Aussie friend!

The splits alone and then recovering from them and then jumping up those large stairs meant their physique must have been olympiad level.

Any time you want to send me a dance video of you pulling some moves, let me know!

Alfred T. Mahan said...

I'm trying to get over the fact that you paid good money to go see GWAR, for crying out loud. That's fodder for a while.

That video is partially why I enjoy the movies I do so much.

Anonymous said...

No worries, i'll just fire up Dance dance revolution on the xbox :)

Captain Capitalism said...


What, what's wrong with Gwar? That's almost like a badge of honor! I think I was the only young Republican in the entire joint watching Gwar back in the day.


You doing dance dance rev is a sight I'm trying to purge!

Anonymous said...

Hey, nothing wrong with DDR. I'm quite the Dance Dance Revolutionary myself, although I can't speak for what Frank might look like doing it. :)

Those were some crazy moves though. Loads of skill there.