Tuesday, October 09, 2007

She Makes Capital Markets More Efficient...One Trade at a Time


She's been kind enough to send some links my way.

You shall visit her.

You will conform.


MissTrade said...

She is a he, but thanks for sending some eyeballs to the site!!
Is it snowing in Minnehaha yet? My wife the true Miss Trade is from Rochester.

Captain Capitalism said...

What the MISS in Misstrade???

Anyway, no, not yet, but they did get 2 inches of snow in Bemidji.

If your wife is from Rochester she must know of White Water park? I did some hiking and fossil hunting in that area.

Also let her know that since they expanded hwy 52, I went into the cliffs they dynamited and found some excellent fossil specimen AND some pyrite.

More to that town than hospitals and cricket (lot's of east Indians and Pakistani's down there playing cricket which is oddly interesting to watch)