Friday, October 12, 2007

They Get Yulia, While We Get Hillary...Cripes

Hubba hubba!

A new woman after the Captain's heart! Yulia Tymoshenko!

Not only is she a looker, but she is an economist too! (What is it with all these former Soviet Bloc women and their impressive degrees?)

You can read more about her here.

All I want to know is why the Ukrainians get Yulia, while we're stuck with Hilary.


Anonymous said...

It has something to do with the history of their countries. They actually know what it's like living in communism, unlike our ladies, who major in "crap" (CC definition). My parents were born in a communist European country, and I can tell you, they are the most conservative people I have ever got to know in my life. And I don't mean conservative in the sense of being a christian fanatic (this is, thankfully, impossible, because the communists abolished the church).

Eastern Europe has definitely, by far, more conservative women than Western Europe. But I've great news for you (you probably already knew it): In the search for jobs, and thanks to the common European market, several hundreds of thousands women from Eastern Europe are moving to the UK and Ireland ;-)

(just in case you still think about leaving the US)

btw: It's a shame that the US has severely limited the immigration with the green card program, thereby making it very difficult for well-educated Eastern Europeans, too. They would provide for a nice boost in US productivity and in economic thinking.

Anonymous said...

Good looking, economist, and she's got an established record of privatizing like hell and successfully managing private businesses.

Alas, she is already married, and even if she wasn't, the Captain has a thousand mile head start to the Ukraine on me. Plus he's got the whole "knows how to dance" and "is like an evil Cary Grant" thing going. Meanwhile, I'm... probably taller?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. After we rebound from our own experiment in socialism a few decades from now chicks like Yulia will be all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Yulia is simply gorgeous! I would march into hell for her! What risk is there importing a Russian bride? I would die for one! Those Nordic roots buzz me up being a Finn and from Minnesota, Duluth by the way. Let's see, I am 66 and do you think I could lure a bride from Russia about 48?

Captain Capitalism said...


Astute observation.

Unfortunately I will be dead by that time.

Fortunately, globalization does not just apply to wares and capital allowing people to court across boundaries.

I used to be not only cynical, but condemning of men looking overseas to find women. After seeing 4 marriages of the mail order type and seeing none of them end in divorce, but actually (and this I sincerley was not expecting) happiness, I find myself only compelled to endorse such courtship.

Besides, international competition is what's best of the consumer.

genslub3 said...

What is it with all these former Soviet Bloc women and their impressive degrees?

Those degrees are why their population is plummeting. Try and snuggle and she'll tell you her career is more important...

And don't bring up kids,

Kasia said...

The former Soviet Bloc women with their impressive degrees are because the Soviet government, for all its many faults, was hard core about education. The rebel, slacker, whatever just didn't fly in the former Soviet bloc.

I remember when I was studying in England, some of my Czech friends (who were doing their Masters work at the same university as me) and I got to comparing our schedules back home. I was taking a "full" course load (16 credits) and working part time back in the States. I thought I was working pretty hard. Nuh-uh. They were taking the equivalent of 24 credit hours and working part time as well. And they pulled A's and occasional B's, because it was just what was expected of them.

Did I mention we had comparable social lives, too? And they spoke three or four languages each.

If we learn one thing from the Commies, it should be to try to emulate their obsession with education. Those girls were no smarter than me in terms of raw materials - they were bright, but not Einsteins - but they left me in the dust academically.

And they were pretty, too!!!