Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chinese P/E Ratios

They're getting kinda pricey in China.

The debate is whether you suffer lousy future economic growth, declining corporate taxes, recession, increasing taxes under pressure from social security and pay a P/E of 16 for the current average American firm, or do you pay a P/E of 60 for a firm in a country with 12% RGDP growth, no debt, increasing labor productivity, AND a lower corporate tax rate in "communist" China.


Anonymous said...

Capt. You love charts. Could you make a chart with every variable you mentioned here, comparing America to China?

I keep trying to tell people how bad it is, but a graph showing all the variables you listed in one place, would be great.

Rock on

Captain Capitalism said...

i could, are you looking for GDP growth, inflation, unemploymnet, debt, deficits,e tc.?

Anonymous said...

the whole kabutal