Sunday, December 14, 2008


Brevity is the soul of wit or something or other. Sadly, the punch line to these two separate comic strips are not as powerful as these individual cells;

"Very Disney."

Effing brilliant.

Sadly, it's basically a slow motion version of watching an innocent, hopeful (yet absolutely brilliant) man having his dreams destroyed as he slowly realizes that socialism, hope, change and Obama is largely just that.

And that's the harshest part of it all. When people are that insanely intelligent to create insightful stuff like Sinfest, no matter how much socialist brainwashing they received in the schools, with an intellect like that, they will inevitably find the truth.

The question is whether they will crack or join the good side of the force upon finding the truth. Something tells me Tatsuya Ishida, despite his idealistic "hope," will become the most powerful force for your beloved captain of course.


Anonymous said...

Choosing reason over faith has more to do with character than brilliance. Mind you exposure to skeptical scientific thinking helps but I've seen too many otherwise brilliant engineers and scientists buy into creationism to be that hopeful. It comes down to what a person cares about more, the hopes and dreams of their faith, or cold unerring truth. It is the lies we feed ourselves that are the most dangerous.

Alex said...

AeroGuy, that's exactly it. It's quite possible for a highly educated man to spend his days working on breeder reactors, while simultaneously believing that an invisible guy in the sky will give him 72 virgins if he uses his knowledge to blow up a city. When you think of it that way ... that's just f*****g scary.

None of the 9/11 hijackers were either stupid or uneducated - by all accounts they seem to have been very intelligent individuals. Yet they committed suicide and killed thousands of innocent people, all because some smooth-talking megalomaniac gave them the writings of a bronze-age goat-herder, and managed to convince them that those were the unquestionable words of our universes creator.

Hell, if you want a less violent example of intelligent people doing idiotic things, Sir Isaac Newton spent much of his time trying to make Alchemy work. And Benjamin Franklin went kite-flying in thunderstorms :) Being intelligent doesn't preclude people holding idiotic beliefs or doing some amazingly stupid things. Generally speaking, it just means they're good at detecting patterns and developing new ideas. That's all.