Thursday, December 11, 2008

Duck You Sucker

OK, you see, I am eclectic. I'm not the kid who wore his baseball cap backwards in the 90's and pronounce "hot" as "hawt" while I spend daddy's money at Applebee's like all the other mass produced cookie cutter suburbanite white boys. I fossil hunt, I climb mountains, I write books, I teach ballroom dance, date dominatrixes without knowing it and I happen to dabble in economics. I live life for me, and if more people did that, there'd be a lot more freaks in this world and it would be a great thing.

But a drawback for being a freak is that when you find great things (like a nautilus in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska or a ghost town that time and Google satellite has forgotten) people either;

1. Don't believe you or
2. Think you're a freak for finding such things interesting.

Regardless, I am going to recommend "Duck You Sucker." It's a great movie. A great find. Almost as great as finding an oredont in North Dakota.

Now, the Major (held prisoner in California) does not agree with me. Oh, he likes the movie alright, but does not deem it a great movie that I do.

And that's where Cappy Cap readers will come in. If you are bored this weekend and have nothing else to do, may I recommend you rent or perhaps buy (which you shan't regret) Duck You Sucker. You read this blog because of its economic entertainment, so if I recommend a movie (which are infinitely more entertaining than economics) how can you possibly go wrong?


Alfred T. Mahan said...

"[S]o if I recommend a movie (which are infinitely more entertaining than economics) how can you possibly go wrong?"

We certainly don't come here for your command of English grammar.

Rufus Willy said...

where is the town in No Dak

Anonymous said...

If you think that is bad grammar, you should try to read the last chapter in his book.

Despite what you usually say about English majors, there is a use for the simple clear direct sentence.

Capt Bogs

Hot Sam said...

Perhaps I misstated myself (like David Axelrod).

I really liked Duck, You Sucker enough to watch it twice and keep it on my DVR.

What I said was that not many other people would have it on their top ten list.

I did criticize the dialogue and Leone's exaggeration of capitalist stereotypes.

It's definitely on my rec list! You never steer me wrong.

Captain Capitalism said...

What's great about English is it's primary purpose is to communicate concepts and ideas to other people.
And for the most part, the vast majority of the population neither notices nor gives a damn if it does or does not follow the anal retentive rules of those who study it.

Alfred T. Mahan said...

And yet you expect people to purchase a poorly-written book, when you cannot use the apostrophe correctly?

All you needed was a copy of The Elements Of Style and your work would have become much more readable and therefore interesting to the masses you have such great regard for (sarcasm alert). Instead, you chose to forego such a purchase, and now you wonder why your work lags behind such high-quality prose as Nancy Pelosi's?

Indeed, the world wonders with you.

Captain Capitalism said...

Right, it's because of grammar, my book is behind Pelosi's. Not the fact she is speaker of the house.