Thursday, December 11, 2008

United Auto Worker's Union Denied Bailout

Wow, the Republicans actually grew some testes.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh... I've regained a little of the respect I've lost for them over the past eight years. It's about damn time they started taking a stand against ridiculous government spending.

Anonymous said...

It remains to be seen how long such testicular fortitude will last.

CBMTTek said...

I see this as more of a denouncement of unions.

Unions used to serve a purpose, by acting as a collective bargaining unit, the workers could prevent abuses by management.

Then abuses by management pretty much got curtailed through federal legislation (OSHA, FLRA, etc...). At which points the unions started to be all about more pay for less work. And, this is just another example. The UAW would rather see the US auto industry go out of business then take a pay cut.

If anything, this is more damning against the unions, then it is a testimonial of Republican testicular fortitude.

Anonymous said...

"Then abuses by management pretty much got curtailed through federal legislation"

Yeah, because OSHA made such a big impact, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap,

For a while I couldn't figure out why the Union wouldn't budge in order to get the bailout. Then I figured it out.

Japanese auto makers pretty much pay market wages, or a little above. They probably pay a little above to get a steady reliable work-force.

If the Union allowed General Motors etc, to pay its workers the same wages, then what would be the point of the union? The union would have no purpose except to collect fees.

The union would rather the whole thing collapse than admit that it has no purpose.

Also, the union is hoping that the chosen One will sign card-check, and they can unionize the japanese as well, thus driving up their wages as well. Its quite a hope, but I doubt they make it.