Monday, December 15, 2008

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Promiscuity, measured as how casual sex is perceived by the interviewees as well as how frequently they've had sex in terms of one night stands and whether "love" was involved or not was recently ascertained by a survey. Those scoring low were the most "promiscuous" and those scoring high were the least.

It does not surprise me that for all Hollywood portrays the US, we are some of the most stuffy, anti-sex people on the planet...though this could just be the fact I live in Minnesota where sex is largely regarded as a regrettable means/chore by which to keep the human population going.


Bike Bubba said...

Americans anti-sex? Then explain to me why our nation beats almost all of those "promiscuous" European countries in its birthrate.

Put differently, I don't have a full minivan because my wife and I don't enjoy sex! We simply prefer NOT to experience the "joy" of worrying about whether our partners are carrying a gift that keeps on giving.

(if you compared birthrates with promiscuity rates, you'd find a very interesting negative correlation......hmmmmm)

Orlin said...

Sooo... Captain, are you planning a trip to Finland soon...Jep?

Alex said...

I don't know, Cap ... none of the American girls I met seemed to be "anti-sex". Maybe they just need a Canadian to motivate them ;)

Anonymous said...

RE:Alex: The chart does not make reference to any age- or religious-involvemet- segregation in those surveyed. If it had been broken down by those measures, I'm sure you would find that there are substantial demographic groups where the promiscuity can compete with Finland.

Anonymous said...

There's something missing inthe rankings?