Thursday, December 18, 2008

Until We Rid Ourselves of Nepotists, the US Will Continue to Fail

Caroline Kennedy would like to become senator of New York.

Well who freaking wouldn't?

Hell, I wouldn't mind becoming a senator. Of course, it's along the same lines of listening to these 20 something girls who say, "Well I like traveling."

Again, who freaking wouldn't? They make it sound like it's a hobby they slave at or major in during college.

It's the issue of whether you are so luxuriously rich and paid for that you can AFFORD to travel. And thus it is the same thing when it comes to becoming senator.

If you can afford to become a senator, well then isn't it a cute little noble "hobby" for you? No, no, it's not a serious job where millions of people's lives depend on the decisions you make. No, it's like traveling or playing Barbie.

Now I've tried to warn you people about nepotists. It is the nepotists that are largely to blame for our problems today. People who had no skill, no game and no talent, but instead were put in charge of the country's most powerful positions because of who their daddy was.

George Bush the son of Bush '41.

Nancy Pelosi, daddy's girl of Baltimore's mayor.

Al Gore son of a senator.

Barack Obama, had mommy pay for everything to go to Harvard and went straight into politics and on the public dole

Ted Kennedy, brother of JFK, neither of which I recall built the empire Joseph Kennedy did.

Not one of these parasites and nepotists ever did a damn thing in their lives worthy or noble (bar JFK of course). Not one of these preppies ever worked a day in the private sector and therefore, no matter how many years of "public service" they have, are thereby incapable of making the real world, tough decisions every day normal REAL men and women like us have to. They got their jobs based on who their daddy was, their connections and no matter how bad they bungle it, because they have the money, they can afford the PR and campaign expenses to buy them a seat.

But as much as I loathe these inferior humans, they are ultimately not the ones to blame for their perpetual and dynasty like life long, and multi-generational long political careers.

It is the American people.

Americans have largely fumbled the ball on this one, somehow thinking we have to constantly and perpetually elect these scumbuckets into office. That we have no choice. But if there was something that told me Americans are forever lost and have completely abdicated their responsibility of being stewards of this democracy, it is this past election.

If I recall correctly, everybody wanted "change." And who got elected?

Joe Biden a 84 term senator and his never-set-foot-once-in-the-private-sector-community-organizer-cum-state congressman-cum senator-cum president-elect Barack Obama.

And who got berated, yelled at, and vilified?

Sarah Palin the only person in recent memory to run for office WHO WAS A FREAKING NORMAL PERSON. And what was the main criticism?

She doesn't have enough public experience.

The hypocrisy is only what socialists can conjure;

Palin didn't have enough experience, but Obama did.

We want change, but Palin would be a normal blue collar person like us. Let's go with the veteran, life long insiders.


And now, lil Miss Princess, Caroline Kennedy wants to become New York's senator.


Did she flip burgers?

Did she work retail?

Has she ever waitressed?

Did she pay her way through college?

No, of course not.

Oh, but you watch. You watch those "street smart" New Yorkers. They're going to fall for it hook line and sinker. They'll vote for her just like those moronic imbeciles in Boston voted for Ted Kennedy. And even though she has no clue, could not even fathom what normal hell it is to live a normal everyday person's life, oh, she's still somehow going to be able to help you. She's going to know what it's like to be facing foreclosure. She knows what it's like to have to scrimp and save to pay for health insurance. Oh, I'm sure she knows.

Americans, specifically, New Yorkers have a chance to pull their heads out of their asses and elect a normal person. And if you don't, then you can expect to have the same things;

A perpetuity of incompetent, spoiled brats who view public service as a cute little hobby and a means by avoiding work at all costs, and the economic mess we've gotten ourselves into.


Anonymous said...

I'm fairly entertained that this was the advert banner on your blog just now.

Bike Bubba said...

What did JFK ever do prior to entering politics except for bedding German spies during WWII and getting his boat sunk after a Japanese destroyer rammed it? (had he ever heard of "watchmen"?)

For that matter, what did his dad do besides take advantage of Prohibition by running gin, and then taking advantage of a cozy relationship (sales relationship?) with FDR to get a cut of every bottle imported?

I don't know that the big problem is nepotism, though. Thousands of competent plumbers hand businesses off to their equally competent sons each year. The trouble is that politically, you can give somebody a lot for nothing, and he doesn't have to exactly work to keep it.

At least the plumber's son can lose his business by poor work or drink, no?

Anonymous said...

While I agree with most of your comments, you had to admit that while she was certainly more of an average American than the rest, she was as dumb as a rock.

Anonymous said...

If I were, say, Angelina Jolie, I'd be preparing my presidential campaign.

Paul Chappell said...

Don't worry, there are more... One of the other "I'd like to replace Obama" folks in Illinois is another Kennedy... So there's a chance that we can have a whole clan of them in the Senate together... Assuming they ever appoint/elect a replacement here...

Hot Sam said...

The Kennedy's are the most overrated bunch of losers there ever was. They are the poster children for guilt, decadence, and hypocrisy to match their unearned or ill-gotten privilege.

Jack served valiantly in war and suffered injuries. But then he served as president secretly hiding a severe addiction to pain killers. He wouldn't have become president without crooked Chicago politics which is what we have now.

As for the rest of the family, the Curse missed a few. Teddy must have a deal with the devil to have avoided the Korean War, death in a car crash, liver failure, and an aneurism.

Anonymous said...

Let's add Hillary to the list. Jesse Jackson Jr, too.

I'm not so sure the problem in politics is nepotism - It's more on how lazy, uninformed and misinformed Americans have gotten and how wrapped up in empty celebrity most Americans are.

Ed said...

Americans, specifically, New Yorkers have a chance to pull their heads out of their asses and elect a normal person.

Not exactly. The replacement for Hillary won't be elected, but appointed by the Governor.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add most of Bush's appointees. Michael Brown comes to mind.


Hot Sam said...

Michael Brown may not have been eminently qualified for his position, but he was not totally unqualified for it.

He served as Deputy Director of FEMA from September 2001 until January 2003 when he was appointed Director. The Senate confirmed him UNANIMOUSLY for that position. Not one Democrat in Congress raised any issue of his competence.

Katrina was not a failure of the federal government. Katrina was a failure of the State and Local government whose responsibility it was to plan, prepare, and respond to natural disasters (particularly predictable ones). FEMA simply doesn't have the resources to respond to an emergency. This is made crystal clear in the National Response Plan, which some people have never bothered to read.

Ray Nagin did not follow his OWN response plan. His plan didn't involve using the Superdome and he REFUSED to order a mandatory evacuation after George W. Bush pleaded with him to do so.

Kathleen Blanco REFUSED repeatedly to federalize the National Guard which would have not only put them under a unified command, but would have given them federal pay and benefits during the disaster.

Michael Brown had successfully responded to over 150 emergencies prior to Katrina. In fact, Katrina was the first time ever that FEMA officials were in an area before the disaster struck.