Thursday, January 22, 2009

By the Way

I have determined that cracked ribs suck.

Just letting you know.


Anonymous said...

Yes they do. Beware of getting pneumonia because you can't breathe properly due to the pain of the ribs.

Sorry to hear it, but I sure hope there's a good story about how it happened rather than something lame like falling on ice.

Anonymous said...

Oooohh . . . I am sorry to hear that and hope you get better soon.

Are you going to tell us how your ribs got cracked?

Captain Capitalism said...

First time I got cracked ribs was a very manly feat. My younger (19-22 year old) students thought this old hound dog couldn't keep up with them in tackle football.

I not only scored 4 touch downs and threw for 3, but had one interception and was hands down the MPV. Then I got tackled where one point of the ball was implanted into the ground and the other into my side and a 200 lbs freshman on top of me. That hurt.

This time was not as manly.

I was pushing friends down a sledding hill. And you run and push as fast as you can until gravity accelerates the sled past the point you can run. At this point you give the "final push" where you go flat on your stomach.

When I fell flat on my stomach there was a jagged chuck of ice about half the size of a bowling ball that went into my left side.

There was much cursing and anti-mirth and a lot of Ben Gay.

The good news is I get pity from several femme fatales who see a man with cracked ribs.

wormlynn said...

He's exaggerating, no pity for the Captian! I was there and there was no chunck of ice the size of half a bowling ball, I on the other hand, injured my elbow as the Cap pushed me down that giant hill and it was hell trying to wash my hair the next day! O and I have cracked a few ribs, it really hurts I couldnt get in and out of a car or bed for weeks with out pain. The cure is liquid Vicodin! Fun stuff!!!

Hot Sam said...

At least come up with a good story:

You were single-handedly battling a gang of Hmong teenagers who tried to rob an old lady. After knocking out all of the ones on foot, the guy in the get-away car drove into you, wrecking the whole front end of his 1982 Honda Civic. Then you beat him unconscious with the front bumper.