Monday, January 05, 2009

Israel Should Continue Until Hamas is Destroyed

I love the timing of how once Israel is winning and about to rout Hamas and remove a cancer from the Palestinian people and we are all one huge step closer to true peace in Palestine...


B as in B.

S as in S.

It's almost as if the west and other nations want the Palestinian issue to never end. As if there's this powerful lobby group of diplomats and negotiators at the UN that need there to be a continual crisis in the Mideast otherwise they'd be out of the job. Ergo, once their agitator, Hamas, is on the brink of being destroyed or weakened to the point they can't terrorize Palestine anymore, they beg and plead Israel to call a time out.

Israel should continue to do all in its power to wipe out Hamas and if necessary reoccupy Gaza, and it would be a great help if the Palestinians would help them.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Captain.

Israel should do a house by house search for HAMAS members, take them prisoner (croak them if they have to), destroy all tunnels and contents, and then take all guns, missiles and launchers away and destroy them and the facilities in which they are made.

I'd also probably sunk that boat with aid the HAMAS rather than bump it. Yes, the one with McKinney on it.

Anonymous said...

Kill them all. Let Allah allocate the virgins.

Bomb the funerals. That's where they recruit new members.

CBMTTek said...

Your analysis fails the test of Hanlon's razor.
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

The reason why the west is clamoring for peace has nothing to do with money (well, maybe nothing). It is all about "peace, diplomacy, words not wars, etc..."

It isn't until something like 9/11 happens that the peaceniks understand that diplomacy only works when both parties are interested in talking. To date Israel has demonstrated that they are willing to put down the weapons and talk, and then Hamas starts it all up again.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think another organization with another name will pop up and take their place? Killing Hamas off doesn't address the root of the problem, that being the fight over the land, not to mention, whose invisible super ghost is more holy.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you on one point, that of your contention that Israel getting rid of Hamas will "...remove a cancer from the Palestinian people and we are all one huge step closer to true peace in Palestine."

The Palestinian people elected these lunatics knowing full well what they would do. I think it is a little late to for them to cry about it now. They are now reaping what they have sown. Hope they like it.

Anonymous said...

"It's almost as if the west and other nations want the Palestinian issue to never end."

Unique observation.

Talk about a hot mess. Israel should do what it has to get rid of Hamas, but we need to take a long cold look at everything we do in the Middle East, Israel included.

Have you seen a live beehive in the wilderness, and had the strong desire to hit it with a baseball bat and tear it apart with your bare fists? I kind of feel like that's what we've been in the Middle East. Not to sound simplistic, but every reaction has an opposite reaction, and we learn this every time we try to go to another continent and establish some independent democratic nation.

Hot Sam said...

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition:

34. Peace is good for business.
35. War is good for business.

Yes, I entirely agree that for some warped reason, Europe wants to keep this battle brewing.

Maybe it's the "flypaper theory" - terrorists attacking Israel are not attacking France or Germany.

I agree with the people who said that the Palestinians elected Hamas and desire this violence. But I also agree that destroying Hamas is a good way to send a serious message to those very same people.

The place has been violent since before the Roman Empire was there. Roman soldiers considered it a hardship tour.

If that is God's Promised Land, it makes me wonder exactly what the promise was.

"Holy" Land must be a description of the impact of so many projectiles.

Anonymous said...

Another organization will most likely pop up. But they won't have Iranian funding and rockets, as many inroads with people or the capabilities of convincing children to join their cause for awhile. As for 'root causes', Hamas controls ALL of Gaza. What they want is ALL of Israel. As long as Jews live, they have their 'root cause'

If Israel can get Hamas wiped out, perhaps perhaps perhaps, they can get their kidnapped soldier back.