Friday, January 30, 2009

If This Doesn't Make You Happy

Then I don't know what will.

Enjoy the weekend folks!


Anonymous said...

I'm rather partial to 'Clint Eastwood' and 'Feel Good Inc' myself.

Hot Sam said...

Shirtless cop, orange art deco bridge, crazy driving, oil rigs outside the city. It's got to be in San Francisco.

Well, all except the missiles on the car, but we'll get those soon. I would've used them on my way home from the airport today if I had them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron,
I just wanted to say that I love the cappycap blog. I didn't see an email link anywhere, so I thought I'd try to contact you this way. I have an original graphic for you. If you like it, it's all yours free. Heres a link:

The graphic can always be modified. Keep up the good work brother!
Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

no u!
You enjoy the weekend.