Thursday, January 08, 2009

You Will Visit Agnesy

I feel guilt in that there are many people who link to me and I do not have the time (nor the programming expertise) to link to them (to create a blogroll I mean).

Regardless, I try to make the occasional post to highlight those that are kind enough to link to me here at Cappy Cap and one of those is good ol' Agnes.

I don't know much about her, which I regret, because if it weren't for having to make a living and pay the bills, I would genuinely like to just hang out on the internet and meet people of similar interests.

Alas, the compulsion to contribute to GDP is a relentless call and one that I must obey.

But in the meantime, visit Agnes because she seems a sweet kid out in Kuala Lumpur (sorry, originally thought she was in Singapore) and that is a country (Malaysia) that seems to have it's shit together more so than any American/western nation does.

(Sorry, just trying to digest a $1 trillion DEFICIT (not debt, freaking one year deficit) because of the stupid moronic, lazy, slothful POS neo-Americans that infect (yes, I do mean that in the viral sense) America)


Agnes Y said...

Hello Capt.

I am surprised by this post, but ola from this part of the world! Thank you for the link, but am rather a low profile person and not used to the high volume traffic to my blog. Plus, I hardly ever update so it's really a dormant site.

Capt, while I am at this, I would to correct you that I am in fact from the city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which you may have mistaken for the city-state Singapore. We're geographically next to each other, Singapore being located at the southern tip of Peninsula Malaysia.

Thanks much! Enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

I was a little surprised when you said that Malaysia had its shit together. I visited Malaysia (and got Singapore in the same trip) in the mid/late 80s. It seems they've really grown a lot since then. Granted my impressions were somewhat tainted considering the fact that I was, I think, eight years old, but looking back even then I was surprised by the difference in the prosperity of Singapore and Malaysia. Here's to their continued growth, since more productive people improve the quality of life for everybody.