Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fuck Che

Found this in the local leftist rag;

No doubt to be followed by popular sequels such as;






See, if you are a mass murderer that is a leftist then it's alright. But if you're a capitalist, then you are a....fuck it, never mind.

Let's just celebrate mass murderers. Long as they're of a certain political stripe they're killing of thousands is perfectly alright.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't make sense... You forgot MY favorite mass murderer of all... Saddam Hussein. He was so dam* insane.

Anonymous said...

It's been done

Anonymous said...

Ammo to become very scarce is the near future.

Anonymous said...

Let's see part 1:
126 minutes

Part 2:
131 minutes

257 minutes or 4 hours 17 minutes or 15,420 seconds.

Can't find a reference, but he was responsible for around 14,000 executions. So in theory the movie could contain 0.9 deaths per second.

Econmom said...

I know - it's maddening. I guess it's ok to murder people if you are a socialist or a communist. At least then you are not Selfish. I'll take a selfish man over a murderer any day!

G / Mr. Brown said...

You have to break a few eggs to make a delicious socialist omelet (which we will then all share equally, regardless of your contribution...from each according to his ability, and all that).

Anyway, it's not murder when you're just trying to make the world a better place for everyone. Well, ok, not everyone.

Anonymous said...

Ammo to become very scarce is the near future."

Hopefully not before we run out of lefties. :)

Hot Sam said...

Here's how I always wish to remember Che...cold and dead on a slab:

Anonymous said...

Socialism FTW.

Bear Nichols said...

You might enjoy this then.