Friday, January 02, 2009

A Cappy Cap Original Joke

I have made several jokes, but this one is so bad, and my friends forbade I tell it, which means, it has to be told.

There was a monk living in a monastery in the Italian Alps. He worked hard recording bibles and studying the scripture. However, he had a blessing and a curse.

On one hand he was a talented jazz musician. Able to compose jazz songs that were amazing, rivaling the best composed hymns of all time.

On the other hand he was a compulsive kleptomaniac.

They called him;

Felonious Monk.


Glen said...

I had an original joke one time. It went like this:

What do you call the ability to move objects with your mind? Psychoknesis.

What do you call the ability to move motorcycles over buses? Evel Knesis.

Andrew L said...

If someone plays bass in an acid jazz band, is it called acid bass? And if so, is it terrible because it's a jazz pun or because it's a chemistry pun?

Hot Sam said...

You have very smart, caring, and wonderful friends.

Anonymous said...

It's already a hip-hop band. Sorry, not an original joke.

Anonymous said...

Cappy taps the microphone several times.
"Hey, is this thing on?!"

Anonymous said...

I once had an original joke...

mine wasn't very good either...

just kidding!!!

Ok, the newlyweds had been married 90 days, when one day the husband found the credit cards maxed out and his young wife gone.

The husband contacted the police who found her a week later lounging in Bermuda.

The husband called her and asked what was up.

She responded "I was just being faithful to our wedding vows."

The husband asked what part of the vows were you being faithful to.

She sweetly replied "The 'until debt do us part' vow!"

badda bing, bada bang!