Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today is Forward the Captain Day

In a shameless effort to boost traffic as well as boost readership I declare today (Monday technically, even though this is being written on Sunday), the official


Yes, during this dearth of holidays between New Year's and St. Patrick's Day, why not engage in excessive mirth and jovial times by forwarding the Captain to friends, family, foes and those you are relatively indifferent about!

You will not only be doing me a favor, but spreading the good word of the Captain and teaching those about the merits of capitalism (or pissing off leftists which they richly deserve). Scroll below or just search the archives for a favorite post of yours and forward it to those that might be interested. And, as is the thousand year old traditional of Forward the Captain Day, you are hereby authorized to pour yourself a martini as you have done your part to fight ignorance and socialism.

Go, do it now! Quickly!


Kim said...

Unfortunately, it will also piss off a whole bunch of conservatives and neo-cons who are embracing the interference of government in the name of 'compassion.'

Andrew L said...

I posted your degree mills story on my Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Will I get paid?

Captain Capitalism said...

You will get paid knowing you can now reward yourself with a martini.

Anonymous said...

Is a glass of port okay?

Anonymous said... even the arch-capitalist is looking for a handout.

Anonymous said...

Will doing this increase the attraction of the opposite sex to me?

(Nevermind, I see the answer already: "It depends whether you ply them with martini's". )

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 1 - Yes port is fine.


Anon 3 - No, doing anything of a capitalist nature will not woo the women. However, doing so in a "I don't give a damn" fashion will.

Anonymous said...

I did my duty.

Anonymous said...

I would because I love your blog and your conceptual thinking vs. talking points idiocy etc. Alas I cannot because if I were to post it on say...facebook for my 500 friends to see, my young cousins and people who look up to me etc would see mature content that I as a Christian would feel uncomfortable passing along. Although I will refer you to close friends who are mature enough! Thanks.