Friday, January 23, 2009

Global Warming Dead Last on People's Mind

Well, if the planet was actually warming, then people might be concerned. But since it's cooling and these Global Warming Zealot Psychos are so desperate to keep their religion going they've had to convert it to "global climate change" I don't think the population is THAT stupid to believe in it any more, let alone give a damn;


Anonymous said...

Looking at the graph, I'm struck by a single, inescapable conclusion: people don't know what the hell "top priority" means.

The thing about a "top priority" is that there can only be one of them. The answers should add up to 100%, or at least they would if people had the slightest clue what "top priority" meant.

I wouldn't get my hopes up about people abandoning the global warming idiot-crusade. There's still a full 30% of the morons who think it's a top priority, and I read a poll of schoolchildren a while ago that indicated the brainwashing was really damn effective. Something like 90% of them responded that Global Warming was the most serious issue in the world.

Hot Sam said...

A lot of these categories overlap.

Nonetheless, environment and global warming rank very low.

Watch how the poll changes come the first 100 degree day this summer.

The global warming alarmists don't waste any opportunity to blame single days of bad weather on long-term climate change - whatever works, not whatever's true.

Anonymous said...

Global warming is the sort of thing people worry about when they have extra money to waste on it.