Saturday, December 29, 2012

Children, Without the Yucky, Gross Sex

Hallelujah feminist brothers and sisters!  The day is upon us we can have children without all that icky, yucky gross sex!

I like how the author considers a sexless life "liberating."

My god you people are miserable.


mothersmurfer said...

The amoral psychosis of the libtards boggles my mind! Where do they get these ideas? How do they not see the inherent evil in these ideas? Huxley was painting a dystopic hell and these morons take it as a utopic heaven. What The Galloping Fuck?!

Anonymous said...

Allow me to interject with an erudite observation, lads:


The leghorn chicken is one of the oldest of the domesticated poultry breeds. It has been biologically engineered to eat, lay eggs...and that's it. It is completely defenseless and would never survive in the wild if it had to fend for itself. In fact, it is so domesticated that the breeding instinct itself is now gone entirely in the birds. Even if the hen's egg is fertile, the hen itself doesn't have the mothering instincts to brood the eggs or care for the young. All she can do is eat, shit, flap and cackle hysterically...and lay eggs!

What? What's that...? What does this have to do with the Captain's scholarly lecture?

It is appropos of nothing in particular I suppose. Our feminists and liberal beta males use the 'Peace' symbol to represent their dedication to pacifism and passiveness...but is it mere coincidence that their revered symbol is strikingly similiar to the footprint of the Great American Chicken too?

Methinks not!

And on that note I must leave you, boys! Chainsaws, firewood, ATV's and maybe a dram around the campfire await! Nothing beats winter camping - so let us, at least, start this new year off right!

Happy New Year Capt!


Anonymous said...

Huxley, as I recall, actually didn't oppose socialism in general as I recall. His book was definitely a nightmare scenario.

Unknown said...

The late insane leftist Jewish lesbian Shulamith Firestone, an early feminst and author of "The Dialectic of Sex," dreamed of a world without sex and where babies would be grown in testtubes.

When I say insane I do mean insane. She became schizophrenic and died recently.

I operate on the assumption that anyone who dreams of such a sexless, reproductiveless world is on the edge of insanity.

Andrew said...

Ahahaha, I love how they don't even hide it anymore. Funny stuff. I love consequences. I want to see how this shakes out so badly.

Ras Al Ghul said...

That woman hasn't really thought through the implications of an artificial womb.

There's no real need for women then except as toys.

Mike Miles said...

No matter how much the Feminazis hate it, there is nothing on this earth that will ever stop a man from being attracted to a woman and vice versa.

kurt9 said...

I read several years ago that there were two research teams, one in Japan, the other in China, who were working on artificial womb technology.

A new meaning for the phrase "wombs for rent".

Seriously though, I'm not sure artificial womb technology will have that much effect on society. Some people, particularly older professional couples will utilize it. Most others will continue to have kids the old fashion way.

Most of the time new technology does not replace old methods. It just creates additional options.

R7 Rocket said...

With the artificial womb available for men in america, there will be no more cash and prizes at family court for the bitchy western battleaxes!

Anthony said...

The author is a nice-looking and rather smart Indian (dot, not feather) woman. Given her likely prospects for husbands, especially if she's Muslim, it's understandable that she might prefer to have children without having to have sex with a man.

Anonymous said...

Quote - Hallelujah feminist brothers and sisters! The day is upon us we can have children without all that icky, yucky gross sex!

Projected feminist response - "Now, with aid and consent of the government, feminists can send those mean oppressive men who only want to sexually assault us to the equivalent of HR sensativity training, where their testicles can be physically removed and they can be the feminist's eunic slaves forever. No birth control will EVER be needed and neither will males."

Quote - I like how the author considers a sexless life "liberating."

Useless editorial comment by poster - Me too, Captain, me too!

Quote - My god you people are miserable.

Projected feminist response - "Well, not as long as there are plenty of rechargable D-Cell Batteries available and the wind power of flapping unicorn wings to recharge them."