Saturday, December 22, 2012

When a Girl Flakes

Roosh provides you young boys with some valuable advice about dealing with a girl when she flakes out or stands you up.

I called it 505025, but the lesson is the same - always have stuff to do, and NEVER assume you're going out.

Girls flaking had gotten so bad at one point, and I so accustomed to it, I had forgotten I had a date one time because I just assumed she was going to flake.  I was at the bar with some friends when I received the call.

Regardless, you always assume the girl is going to flake.  Matter of fact, you may want to flake on the girl and cancel at the last minute.  That technique is one of the few that has ALWAYS worked for me (meaning the girl was sure to go out with me when I "rescheduled" the date).


Anonymous said...

I have read and heard several of your views on the female side of the culture. Sometimes I think you need to realize that women are a different gender, not a different species.

I have had a couple of friends who confused that fact and it resulted in a long life of single living. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I have also noted that others with that same confusion tend to import a really cute little Filipino woman who will obey and behave ... at least until she gets you to import her family and build apartment over the garage or in the basement for them to live in.

Just remember that women are not too different from men, but they play dirtier because they are too small to whack us upside the head when we get out of line.

Love your blog ... agree with almost everything you say.

Unknown said...

I apologize for going off topic, but are there has been possibly another curveball to my college plans. The people who own the house I'm currently living in want my family out by January 4th and my mom is panicking and bringing up the strong possibility of having to move somewhere like New Jersey near family I have up there. I had canceled my application with the university up there so I could attend the school here in Georgia. I was not expecting this and had I known this would be a strong possibility, I would have just kept my Rutgers application for September 2013 open. Either that or my mother will decide to move to an apartment here temporarily and then gradually make the move to another state.

Thank God my mother has actual sense in this and told me that since I have a really good academic record and I'm capable of self educating myself that I shouldn't worry about losing a year of school because of these unfortunate turn in events. The future is looking highly uncertain yet again. Maybe this will give me a lot more time to get into all the economic and political material I want to get into.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic but I just read a great little eBook that reminded me of many of your posts. You may already know the author Doug Casey. If not take a look:

John Baker said...

This is off topic but I just read a great little eBook that reminded me of many of your posts. You may already know the author Doug Casey. If not take a look:

Travo said...

Feminism has robbed women of any responsibility to keep their word. The reason women flake is because society has not stigmatized women for not keeping their word. If guys of america started expressing things like "I hate girls who flake. Girls who flake show us their true character and that is one of irresponsible childish behavior" then women as a group might start to change their ways. Guys need to stand up and have some standards. Praise the women who do not flake and reprimand the ones that do.

sth_txs said...

Off topic, but looks like someone at Bloomberg got the memo to:

Retrenched said...

A good way to handle this is to have her meet you at a public place you like to go anyway, like a favorite bar or club. That way even if she doesn't show up you're already at a cool spot and you're ready to go it alone.

Sometimes you end up pulling women who are better looking than the one who didnt show up. But even if you dont, at the very least you'll probably have a good time and your evening wont be completely wasted.

Retrenched said...

@ Ofay

Well, the thing is that whenever men do bad things there's no shortage of people out there who place the blame entirely at their feet when they do so. Whenever a Dr. Phil or Hugo Schwyzer talks about bad men who lie, cheat, or are abusive, no one says “but hey, women are no better, they do that too, so let's just discuss the bad things men and women do to each other, instead of just attacking men”.

So when men are caught doing wrong they are scum, scum, scum, but when women are caught doing wrong then responsible restraint and balance are required before we can discuss the issues.

I think much of what is written in the manosphere is a response to this pro-female bias, really.

Anonymous said...

Who needs girls ?

Stay a kidless bachelor and enjoy life.