Friday, December 07, 2012

Shameful, Commercial Whoring

We're about 2-3 weeks out from Christmas.

Which means if you're going to buy something AND have it delivered by Christmas with a guarantee, you need to buy it NOW.

So procrastinate no more Cappy Cappites.  Click on the ole Amazon link (sorry, fixed it!) and get some shopping done.  Not for the Captain (though it does bring him warm economic fuzzies), but for yourselves.  Besides, you always need something, might as well get it on Amazon instead of driving around all over the place.


Anonymous said...

I just bought your latest book (Kindle version) via your affiliate link. Merry Christmas x 2.

Thomas Smith said...

Ordered some crap last week, Aurini's book among them, wondered if you'd gotten your kickback or if you could tell?

ChrisP said...

Just got the top of the line Roku using your link a few minutes ago. A gift for my nice in-laws. My wife and I have loved our Roku for a while now and we cut the cable tv cord long ago (2+ years at least).