Thursday, December 27, 2012

Men Asking Women for Their Credit Score

Yes ladies, it's happening.  And since HR likes to do those things, we figured we'd just follow their lead and do the same!

Besides, you ladies always hate it when we're so shallow, looking at only the outside.  You should be happy we take an interest in your personal financial management acumen and intelligence!  Now is your chance to shine!

You go girl!


Unknown said...

Yep, these financially illiterate women asked for it. I'm impressed by the New Jersey woman in the story with good credit. She should be a role model for a lot more of them.

By the way, I found this on Lew Rockwell's website. Wanna know more about how a progressive thinks? Look no further. This man even knew a few that loved what Mao Zedong did in China. This type of "liberalism" is a mental disorder.

"When I was in college 40 years ago, many of my Progressive professors really believed that Mao had worked an "economic miracle" in China (I guess Mao did manage the "miracle" of making the blind man lame), and that all it took was the murder of countless millions, people thrown into the maw as collateral damage or simple "broken eggs" to be made into a magnificent omelet."

"When it comes to economics, the Progressive Left almost to the person believes that the only successful economy is one that is administered via state control. I have spoken to many Progressives and never once have I heard one deviate from that view. One Progressive, a Democratic Party activist from Chattanooga, insisted to me that because government has a legal monopoly over money, then government is totally responsible for everything good that comes out of an economy. When I asked the person about why the economy of the U.S.S.R. (this was in 1985) was so backward, he replied (seriously), "It is because the Soviet Union has not been a country as long as the United States." He could not recognize his non sequitur for what it was."

"One must absolutely comprehend this last point in order to understand Progressive thinking: transfer payments are not an economic burden; they are the key to prosperity and without them, the economy would sink into permanent depression. Therefore, to criticize transfers not only is to be "against the poor," but also to demonstrate economic ignorance. (Keep in mind that most Progressives view the economy as a big circle that is internally unstable, and government action keeps the circle moving.)"

You will worship the State at all times. The State is your God that can maintain a magical economic Oort cloud and prevent it from collapsing and turning into an evil market system. Socialism, Marxism-Leninism, or Maoism works because a country has been around long enough.

Heh said...

Lauren Dollard, a 26-year-old assistant at a nonprofit in Houston, said her low credit score had helped to stall her romantic plans. Her boyfriend is wary of marrying her until she can significantly pay down the more than $150,000 she owes in student loans and bolster her credit score, she said.

LOL, ya think she majored in Uselessness Studies?

Ms. Dollard’s credit score is so low, around 600, that she hasn’t been able to qualify for a car loan. She sympathizes with her boyfriend’s position because he “doesn’t ever want to be accountable for the irresponsible financial decision I made,” she said. Her boyfriend declined to be interviewed.

By the time she pays off the $150K she will no longer be fertile. That will be your cue to pull the plug on her and marry a younger chick with no student loan debt!

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

My girlfriend mentioned this to me as she knew I would like this. I have told her countless times that one of the reasons why I date her is because she is one of the few girls I know who has her finances in order.

taterearl said...

Well women you wanted to be equal. Money is one of the things you judge men on.

Anonymous said...

Also teeth. I think that Frenchmen are most likely to ask about these - it is advised. My c**t-struck stepson, even after one divorce, is totally naive about females. Anyway, he has paid for extensive dental work on the latest, and her two girl-children. And then she needed work on her jaw!

For some reason he seems low on money, despite a good well-paying job ..... strange ....