Sunday, December 23, 2012

Girls Will Pay the Price for the Games They Play

The games that started in middle school, for whatever sick and twisted reason, will initially take a toll on the young boys they were deployed against. 

But over the long term, they will cost girls more.

Boys will adapt.

Boys will learn.

Boys will read, compare notes, theorize and inevitably figure it out as their genetics are programmed to do.

They will then become men.

And once that happens, they will have been so forged by fire and tribulation not only will your games not work, your sincerity will be dismissed as a tactic.

And when your sincerity is refused or just not trusted, you will then realize the full price you'll have to pay for your foolish games.


Ryan Fuller said...

It's nice to see the giver of advice telling this woman that she was being stupid, rather than reinforce her own spoiled tendencies.

Anonymous said...

And then menwill reign supreme FOREVER!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[cue music in minor key]

Aurini said...

Ugh, just happened to me last week; girl returning to town, said she was going to come over for dinner, wound up standing me up without so much as an apology. Still "interested" in doing something, sometime, at some unspecified date, but my time's more valuable than that.

Her behaviour demonstrates that she is - at best - FWB material, and probably not even that (does a friend stand you up without apology?). I might go after her for a one night stand, but anything approaching a relationship is off the table at this point.

Each time something like this happens, us guys get better at spotting it - and the women don't realize it, but when we go on dates with them and spot this behaviour, we immediately put them into the "only good for sleeping with" category. They're under the impression that they're still getting lots of dates from great guys, but they don't realize that fewer and fewer of those guys are willing to commit to them.

There's a financial cliff coming for the sexual market.

Anonymous said...


I am an old fart but...why are you young men and women playing these idiotic games, Captain?

The problem with it is us guys are playing it too and when you get two players doing one wins, one loses.

I thought the idea of dating and marriage was that you BOTH win...and instead you boys n' girls are choosing to both losing.

That's just not a good way to live or treat people.

ScottB said...

The funny part of this article is that the woman who wrote the letter would have been far better off if she just showed him some common decency. Shame that it takes an expert and a long explanation to convince her of this.

Anonymous said...

What a flake!
Cap, I do feel you are missing out on the big picture. Demographics dictate that young women are in high demand. Young women can afford these stupid behaviors, because of supply and demand. Young women are in short supply, and the demand is overwhelming.
Later in life, things are much different. Women in the 35 to 50 age bracket, find out they are no longer in demand. They are forced to change their tactics, and they do.

Anonymous said...

This is why 'liberation' and women's (unearned) rights need to be revoked, for the good of all. Civilization comes first.

Merry Christmas Captain.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is no reason for the woman in a relationship not to initiate. I remember with a couple of younger friends, before they married. She was working on a job in northern Manitoba, he was finishing his degree here on the East Coast. He was uncertain as to whether he even wanted to continue the relationship. Then one day a great big bouquet arrived, from her to him - a big big bouquet. He looked at it, we looked at it, and we all knew that the deal was done.

Fifteen years later they are living outside Winnipeg, with a couple of nice kids.

Twenty said...

The OP is not relationship material. I don't care if she's Miranda-Kerr-hot, she's a narcissistic monster undeserving of any commitment whatsoever.

+ In the first place, she's obviously not that into the guy, or she WOULDN'T HAVE STOOD HIM UP TO BEGIN WITH. (Not being into a guy is ok, being agitated because a guy you're not into isn't into you is psycho.)

+ In the second place, she's a major drama queen, what with the FB-deleting.

+ In the third place, she's unbelievably self-centered -- *she* doesn't think the FB temper-tantrum should be a big deal, so the guy should just ignore it, and it's oh-so-unreasonable that he doesn't.

+ In the fourth place, it's all about her her her needs -- she doesn't want to meet the guy to apologize, or patch things up, or make *him* feel better -- no, she wants to meet to explain why *she* was upset.

Pump-n-dump. to the radio said...

As I get older I see more clearly how many bullets I dodged.
God help me if I had married any of those flakes.
I'd have ended up like that guy in the Godfather who took a bath and just opened a vein.

Susan Walsh said...

Thanks for the link, Captain, and happy holidays!

The woman in question has gotten some excellent advice from men, but not surprisingly, it doesn't seem to be getting through.

It's a good lesson for her. She is not going to get what she wants, despite her looks. She'll have time to reflect on that.

Mike Miles said...

I would agree that women seem to be playing a lot of games lately. I simply do not put up with it any more. They get one chance with me now. Homie don't play dat game.

Anonymous said...

Good freakin' grief.

I'm an old fart, but it seems like this modern dating game is like living in 7th grade forever.

Infantry said...


Actually I think she's insecure with a fear of intimacy steming from a lack of emotional security in her childhood.

She's simultaneously attracted to this guy while afraid of getting close to him. Conflicting emotions which exist at the same time.

Doesn't mean she isn't rationalising why her behaviour isn't bad and why the guy is in the wrong.

Anonymous said...

OH YES! You are absolutely correct.

I EXPECT this kind of crap from women now, and like AURINI said above, it's transparent and totally predictable. Such are the benefits from Red Pill wisdom.

I won't describe the whole story, but this girl MILDLY flaked on me twice before (a shit test of course)... and she got no calls from me.

But then we bumped into each other and she asked why I never called. I flat out told her I don't have time for flakes.

To try and save herself and make amends (and to keep my interest) she invited me to DEFINITELY come for Christmas dinner. She knew my family is in Canada. I gratefully accepted, knowing EXACTLY that it was an empty gesture.

Haven't heard from her since. What a worthless cunt.

It's a good thing I went ahead and made other plans and accepted another invite instead of taking this good-for-nothing bitch's invitation at face value.

What a loser I would be if I had been waiting around for her confirmation. And it's fucking CHRISTMAS. Not a goddam "drink thing" on a random Friday.

I thank my personal God for the insight into the TRUE nature of women which the Manosphere reveals. It's like I have been endowed with "THE FORCE" and can pre-calculate with exact precision what a woman is, how she thinks, and what she will do.

Fucking NOTHING.

Women are the game players.
But men are the game WINNERS.

The key for men to learn to identify this shit and THE MINUTE you even SENSE a flake, bitch, or whore game... kick her to the CURB and be glad you never got involved with her - not even for a bang.

The juice is simply not worth the squeeze.
And women have gone out of their way to prove it.

taterearl said...

One chance, per girl, per lifetime. I'm not the one with a sexual expiration date.

Although I have broke that rule in the was always because she came back. I never went to them and anymore if they even come back to me I'm not interested.

Ecclesiastes said...

I wrote this a while back. It's on a blog that doesn't need a hit, so I'll just quote it.

October 30, 2005, Maureen Dowd was in the news doing what she does. Other columnists commented, among them one of my favorites, Kathleen Parker. I dropped her a note.

Re-reading it, I believe I am both right and wrong. Men will overlook and ignore distracting traits in the women they pursue. We are ever optimistic. Still, when confronted with the characteristics of the catch, I believe more than a few good men's opinions will mirror mine regarding ...

Forgiving Feminists -

Dear Kathleen Parker,

There is a quality of good men that I think you have overlooked: the romantic idea of justice.

We men, who have lived with Dowd's ilk and seen them from the beginning, will not forgive them.

Those paranoid brats have raised predator sons and slut daughters. Juvenile-in-Chief Bill Clinton is their progeny's hero, parsing the language to rebel against stodgy rules. No economic strata is safer than any other. Into this new world, I must send my most precious, so armored that I don't know how they will find love.

The sometimes wild, sometimes cold determination that we have focused on becoming available or single fathers is coming to bear upon our adversaries, now that the children are in college, or at least out of the house.

To have compassion for feminists is to betray our mothers, our daughters, and our children's children. Other Dowd's will wail that they didn't know. Have mercy on the victims of feminism's fraud!


beta_plus said...

@ Anon 6:45

Unfortunately, the men who do what they say and say what they mean are not attractive of modern women whose hypergamy is out of control. Those men, if they want women at all, must adapt. Yes, even if she's fat and ugly.

Ecclesiastes said...

Oh yeah. I meant these too :

Anonymous said...

I'm digging through the hamsterbation in the comments (something to do on Boxing Day other than go to all the sales). Fascinating.

I do have to say this: apology + explanation = excuse

This is why I cannot really find any reason to actively go hunting much these days. The juice is not worth the squeeze is a mild way of putting it.

Retrenched said...

Saying what you mean and meaning what you say? Total honesty in the mating dance? Gee, I wonder how that would work out...

Guy: "Hey, I noticed that you've got nice breasts, a cute ass and sexy legs, and I was wondering if you'd come by my apartment for a little while. We'll have hot sex for a few hours and then go probably our separate ways, not talking to each other again. Unless the sex is really good, maybe we'll screw a few more times. And then if we bump into each other again sometime later, maybe we can have another quick fling then."

Girl: "Oh, I would, really I would... you're kinda cute in your own way. Really. But you're an inch too short, and your arms are too skinny, and your clothes look like they came from Wal-Mart, which means you probably don't make much money. And you don't have any tattoos or piercings. Your posture looks weird, and your cologne reminds me of one of my dates from last week... a nice guy but a real boring dork. But most of all, you're just not the kind of guy that would make any of my friends jealous of me for having slept with you. And besides, I've already got three booty calls for tonight and I'm going to pick one of those; I just haven't made up my mind on which one yet. But hey, we can still be friends!"

Captain Capitalism said...


That would be more efficient, more productive, more honest and more effective.

I am all for it.

Tell the women who want to be treated as "equals" that and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Everyone want's someone that looks at least as good or better than they do. That aside, we all know when a game starts up. Best thing is to nip it in the bud. If one of the two is an adult, don't play the game. Define it for the other and suggest moving on past that sort of relationship. If you do not get a positive, just move on.

Believe me when I tell you .... an adult woman with a good head on her shoulders is worth a couple of extra points on the one to ten scale.

Looks fade, the character remains.