Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sarah Kavanagh - High School Vegan Kid

Too young and unpopular to hang out with the normal kids?


Too lazy to do something constructive like the physics team or a high school sport?


Needs something easy to do in life so becomes a vegan not because she cares about the animals but because it takes no effort, but gives her otherwise worthless life some meaning?


I introduce to you Ms. Sarah Kavanagh.

Something tells me she'll become a lawyer, or an activist, or some person in general who is going to tell other people what to do with their lives, like, oh I don't know....

Adam Gadahn
Jessica Assaf
Haley Koch/Chloe Camilla

"Crusaderism," people, look it up.


Joe Bar said...

She won't eat animal products, but drinks that crap? Spare me.

daniel_ream said...

She certainly looks like she could stand to lay off the sugary drinks in any event.

Lib Arts Major Making $31k/yr said...

1.5 Million People in the US live with peanut allergies so severe that they will die if they eat a product containing peanuts. Even eating non-related food that has been processed with machinery that also processes peanuts can trigger a reaction that could lead to a horrifying, suffocating death unless a fresh epi-pen ready is nearby.

Meanwhile it takes drinking GALLONS of Gatorade and drinks with BVO in them for a prolonged period to elicit a reaction from BVO.

More to the point of the girl, she already looks like Honey Boo-Boo's older, brunette sister. Combine this with hailing from the fattest state in the union and I'm somehow supposed to believe she's a vegetarian? Does she know you can get disorders and cancer from GMO vegetables too?

I could fix the obesity problem in Mississippi real quick: the only food you're allowed to eat is something you've grown or killed yourself.

Anonymous said...

It`s amazing how the MSM picks up these stories. It`s like flies to you know what.

boomlinde said...

December 11, 2012 - Rants about shaming language
December 13, 2012 - Posts this

Unknown said...

She drinks that stuff (which even I don't drink) but calls herself a vegetarian? She reminds me of a nutty female I knew in college who wouldn't drink out of plastic glasses because she thought the molecules would leach into her body.

Anonymous said...

The examples of people suffering from BVO involve A) Drinking 1-2 GALLONS PER DAY and B) Having an abnormal, increased sensitivity to the stuff.

Unfortunately there aren't just a rare few people in the U.S. who drink GALLONS of crap per day. Walk in Walmart and you'll quickly realize half the population lives like this. Sugary drinks are water to these people.

Which means increased sensitivity is exceedingly rare. So rare that BVO would be at the bottom of a long list of foods and food additives to be banned...a list that would start with peanuts...if we're going to start using the logic that any sensitivity to a food, any where in the world, means the food cannot be produced.

I'm guessing that nobody, not one teacher in her expensive K-12 public education, has taught chubby cheeks that:

A) The dose is the poison.

B) There are examples of people who are hypersensitive to anything and everything on Earth, even sunlight.

C) The DOSE is the poison.

D) Fat kills, both your SMV and your life.


F) There are an order of magnitude more naturally occurring chemicals in "natural" fruits and vegetables that we've never tested than in any manufactured product. Some of them are relatively toxic as they are present so the fruits/vegetables can fight insect pests, i.e. natural pesticides.


H) How to diet and exercise properly.

I could teach her all of the above in a single day. Will the government pay me $60k per year plus benefits to do so?

Ned C. said...

Uggenfrump. And she appears to be a typical vegan - a carb freak who will bloat up more with each passing year. But she CARES, don't you see?

Anonymous said...

Poor kid, looks like that added ingredient in Gatorade has kept her from any exercise since the day she was born.

Unknown said...

Are there so few adults to make snotty remarks about that you're now reduced to mocking children. This is a kid. Get it? A kid. And you are an adult. Get it?

Anonymous said...

Note how fat that little vegertarian/vegan is. Fucking unhealthy loud mouthed piece of shit.

Captain Capitalism said...


Look up the people listedbelow

Also read up on when the world's worst murderers started getting indoctrinated.

I don't care if she's 15. If she's going to tell other people what to do, she's lit up like a bomber over Berlin as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Here's a few things I noticed about this story:
1. As notes b Cap, she sucks and is starting a lifestyle of telling people what to do
2. The media makes me want to puke as always.
3. The pepsi spokesman response is the typical "we comply with federal regulations" (therefore if BVO is bad then it's not on us. If government for our of they way a third party could come in and proper study instead of acti like an omnipotent entity that can decide what is good and what isn't based on less than factual information
4. On cue, media points to what the oh so enlightened Europeans are doing. Like they know more than us or something. I thought America is supposed to lead not follow.

Eric S. Mueller said...

I bet you could easily talk her into signing a petition to ban dihydrogenmonoxide.

Unknown said...

Why waste pixels on a 15 year old? Go after the adults who manipulate the likes of her.

Mark Adams said...

I move that we take a cue from the animal kingdom, and any organism that gets that large without eating meat be designated not "vegetarian", but "herbivore".