Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New "Well Hello 2nd Armored Award" Winner

Happy day economists!

In writing "Enjoy the Decline" I was doing research as to what drugs your local pharmacy would have with exceptional value in terms of a SHTF scenario.  So I called the local Walgreens (yeah, I'll mention the company!) and the pharmacist there was quite rude.  So off to the internet I went and in came...

"THE PATRIOT NURSE!" who kindly and promptly answered my question.

For this rapid response and kindness I hereby present The Patriot Nurse with the Captain Capitalism's "Well Hello 2nd Armored Award"  (again, the 6:00 minute mark and 6:25 mark)

And no, I won't tell you what drugs they were.  You'll have to buy the book!

From a reader.  it seems the good nurse has unfortunatley suffered the loss of her fiancee recently.  I cannot surmise what that is like, but I think we all better visit the good Patriot Nurse as a show of support.  No woman deserves to have her fiancee lost before marriage.  Please do visit the Patriot Nurse for all of your needs:



Anonymous said...

Are you covered on your basic gun and ammo info resources for the book?

Faust said...

OK, but if the collapse comes before that book gets out, I'm gonna be PISSED.

Anonymous said...

Im guessing they would be the SAME ones that are valuable now. Needing the drug to digest food, control unwanted pregnancy while endearing yourself to the Alpha males in the pack, or to keep from dying of gangrene, its all the same for SHTF and Just another day at the office.

Personally I would also favor stuff with a high shelf life.

Pain killers and antibiotics and birth control pills would top my list.

Sorry. DiD I spoil the ending?


Captain Capitalism said...


Yeah, but it'd be one heck of a book for posterity!


Anonymous said...

if you're making one of THOSE types of books, may I suggest one of these- http://www.botachtactical.com/parhooltool.html useful for all sorts of situations and handy in resolving disputes with the disreputable.

Earl said...

You can use honey as a antibiotic to treat flesh wounds.


Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that most - but not all drugs really don't have an expiry date. I know this from a friend who is a pharmacist. Expiry dates are a ploy to sell more drugs aided and abetted by the FDA. - minuteman

Captain Capitalism said...

Outstanding to know!

Phat Medic said...

Cappy, since you mentioned Patriot Nurse, I thought I'd bring to your attention the Youtube channel of her late fiance', Paul Gomez. He was absolutely one of the best firearms/self defense trainers in the country, and I'd recommend his videos for anyone who is interested in learning to defend themselves with a firearm. I had the opportunity to train with him once, and it was an excellent experience.

Anyway, his channel is located here: http://www.youtube.com/user/gomez8136

The Conservative Sociologist said...

This woman is awesome!

Chris said...

The conservative sociologist is correct.

My list?

Sterile water.
Augmentin (amoxicillin clavuinate) or a celphasporing.
Co trimoxazole



As a psychiatrist, Olanzapine and clonazepam.

For anaesthesia, Ketamine. (Yes, I'm serious. It is safe).

For emergencies, Adrenalin, Atropine,

Baggie with 16 and 18 gauge IV kits and sterile giving set.


Airway, Bag and Mask would be useful. You can make bandages out of anything.

Anonymous said...

The collapse is not going to be a sudden knee jerk reaction. It's already happening before your very eyes, slowly, incrementally but certainly.

We are in the process of collapsing. It is happening NOW.