Friday, December 21, 2012

Will the Soccer Moms Please Shut Up?

I'm so sick of soccer moms.


Unknown said...

Wow!!!! That was your best rant ever. Seriously. It's everything that I had thought of this shooting from the beginning. Left wing soccer moms and college students are like children who have no idea how the real world works because they don't bother reading Reuters, Wall Street Journal, or any other news website on a regular basis.

They are all trapped in their little bubble and no matter what facts or articles you try to point out to these people, they blatantly ignore you and call you stupid at their own peril. It's almost as if they have been afflicted with some mental disorder. I'm so tired of these elitist punks who think they know everything about the world because of what their little Marxist professors told them. They also have no idea of what an autodidact is, how beneficial self education can be in learning how to think critically and why certain types of education lead to better employment prospects than others.

Even taking a semester long break to rationally think about a strong, economically viable plan sounds ridiculous and foreign to these people for some reason because they are filled with academic, "intellectual" arrogance and hubris.

Anonymous said...

Great rant. What the idiot soccer moms don't realize is that their "ban the guns" idea would lead to a hot civil war in their neighborhoods. There are a large number of armed law abiding sheep dog types that would be turned into criminals by their idiotic ban and who have drawed a line in the sand such that they will used armed force against both the government thugs who try to confiscate guns AND THEIR ENABLERS (under Bill Clinton's rules of engagement). These soccer moms have become enablers. They will also have to live with the consequences (destruction of economy, neighborhoods, infrastructure, jobs, and supply chains) from civil war. All would likely lead to direct physical harm to the soccer moms and their kids - physical, economic, and starvation.

Anonymous said...

You should see the intellect shining forth from the liberals up here in Canada.

The f-knuckle idiot premiere in Ontario is ruling that schools must be locked up tight during the day and the only ones allowed in will have to be buzzed in from the office.

Sigh...guess they prefer their mass murders after school.

You're right Captain. It is stupid, sheltered women driving this, and their pasty faced effeminate beta males going along with it.

I am so mad I could just spit. I am not going along with this anymore. My line is in the sand.

kurt9 said...

I was in Ontario when the shooting took place. One of my Canadian colleagues, as par for the course, blamed the availability of guns as the cause. I told him that gun ownership was much more common in the 60's and 70's than today where I grew up and, yet, we never had these kind of school shootings.

I further told him that if he wanted to place blame for the shootings, he should look at meds, not guns. It is a known fact that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the recent school shooters since the mid 90's was on psych meds of one kind or another. This is the real cause of the school shootings, not the wide-spread ownership of guns.

Paul said...

The problem is not too much gun ownership, but the restrictions themselves. Within days of the Sandy Hook shooting, two other mass shootings were averted by armed citizens, one an off duty cop (a chick cop) who was working security who shot the perp, the other a mall shooting where the perp was menaced by a 22 year old out shopping (with his CC permit and firearm) and who bugged off and killed himself.

Let's see, one gun-free zone, some 30 kids dead. Two armed citizens, two potential mass shooters dead. Hmmm, I guess if it bleeds, it leads, after all, no crisis nothing to make political hay over, huh?

You know, I learned a long time ago that Arafat let the schools out and told the reporters where to be when the kids got shot. Purposefully using his kids for propaganda, the POS. Hard not to draw parallels.