Friday, December 14, 2012

Is There Anything Good About Men?

I had meant to finish my book and then read Roy Baumeister's book, "Is There Anything Good About Men."

Unfortunately, time gets away from you and I did want to plug this because he was kind enough to have an e-mail conversation with me about some of his research.


I will put together a more thorough review once i read it.  And I am also going to be reading  a book called "Hookernomics."  But that is for a later time.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like an interesting book. I think, though, that cultures/societies exploit both men and women. I think society tells us that we have to get married, have children, move up the career ladder, etc. etc. because this is what benefits society. You will pay big time for being different or thinking differently than the majority in any way. The weapons of choice are often disapproval or shunning, but those can be pretty powerful. I guess because humans are social animals we are wired to some degree to care about what others think of us.

If you are a woman who doesn't want kids your femininity will be questioned, and you might be accused of being selfish or uncaring. People can't grasp that not having kids really is a choice. I read a blog called Childfreedom, and it has been nice to read comments from other people who also get harassed for not doing the kid thing. I have nephews, and that's plenty for me.

I'm glad we at least have the internet to reach out to likeminded folks who can remind us that we are not alone in bucking the system.

Diane M.