Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When Government Replaces Husbands and Fathers

From our Spanish Agent in the Field.

Though, I have a question.  Does it fall under,

"government replacing fathers and husbands"

or is it

"other women forced to work to pay for the day care and the taxes to pay other women to take care of their children while they take care of the other women's children and in reality all we've managed to do is take non-taxable labor of child-rearing and outsource it to government employees who now earn a tangible salary which can be taxed, so all we did is tax motherhood, disconnect children from their parents, and (despite claims of how good women are at multitasking) done a craptastic job at outsourcing the rearing of children?"

Just wondering.


gauthijm said...

Cappy Cap

You are correct, but the larger issue, dare I say is:

Its more a case that the Northern economy is a joke, and only the streaming cash of government make-work (1+ Billion $ a year) distorts their whole culture

Sort of the 13 B $ a year natives get in Canada, that turns 750,000 indians into highly paid welfare bums

Free cash = Government destroys lives and societies..

That is all...

Anonymous said...

Why would males ever want to have children under capitalism anyways.

Children are the most stupid investment a productive worker could make because children are all costs and present no return on investment.

It doesn't pay to spread your genes. Darwin wants me to work my hard ass for him and wants me to pay for it ?

The correct capitalist decision concerning child raring is to remain single with no kids and spend your money on yourself.

Darwinism doesn't pay shit and offers no upward career path.

Having children is all work and no pay, I will have to refuse this job and let the government do it at my place.

There is no profit in being a dad.

In fact life is complete shit, see you on the nuclear battlefield Mr. Crappy Crappite.

Anonymous said...

The government of Nunavut is the perfect expression of liberalism. The cost of government is greater then than the GDP!! It's a bureaucrats wet dream.

So, now that they have this huge pointless bureaucracy that can give women jobs they are concerned that there aren't enough men taking part- I really have a hard time believing that. If I was an Inuit man, what would I rather do? Spend my time hunting and fishing or work in an office at a pointless soul destroying job? Gee that's a really tough choice.

This bit about boys and reading is really irksome. I am the father of a 7yo and 9 yo boy. They can both read very well and the younger one still reads to me on a daily basis. The older one can read well enough now that he does it on his own. If boys can't read I would bet the main culprit is the reading materials that schools use to teach kids to read. If I was a 5 or 6 yo boy I would sooner gouge my eyes out than spend time reading the dross in this generations school readers. I am sure that this is because all the teachers and education bureaucrats are feminist harpies who would have no idea what interests young boys and if they did they would probably keep it out of the class anyway. - minuteman

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

"The correct capitalist decision concerning child raring is to remain single with no kids and spend your money on yourself."

In a truly capitalistic society that is most certainly untrue as there is no such thing as social security. What happens to you in old age? You become infirm and need someone to take care of you. That are you can ascribe to the .38 special retirement package.

Anonymous said...

" The correct capitalist decision concerning child raring is to remain single with no kids and spend your money on yourself."
Some people spend their time and money on non-productive but fun video games. Some people do that with children. Its a lot of time and money to raise children for sure, but the joy they provide is immeasurable.