Monday, July 22, 2013

ADD/ADHD/Aspergers Can Pay for the US Debt

Creativity and innovation are the only way the US, let alone, any country will get out of its debt problems.  It is through economic growth that debts are dwarfed, and it is through innovation and creativity that economic growth comes.

Not "working harder."

Not "networking."

Not developing a "CSR department."

And not rent seeking via lobbying politicians.


Good thing we got all that ritalin to ensure creative people never make it into the labor force at their full potential.


Phil Galt said...

So what's your point? I made it through school before drugging retards like me became a popular way to sweep us under the rug. Even then I suspected that I could look forward to all of the responsibilities and none of the benefits.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to my job where I train 'developers' on the other side of the planet how to do the things that took me 15 years to learn.

Enjoy the decline

Sebastos Robert said...

Thank you for this very humane post!

I'm an Aspergers with ADD, and unfortunately a Borderline, so not extremely productive. I don't like being labelled things, which occurs every second I'm out in the open in this culture-infested society.

I hope to carry out my deepest artistic and literary adventures.

mkfreeberg said...

Like I told my kid, when some friction began to develop over my expectations that he apply himself...which is not what fathers are supposed to be expecting nowadays, or something, I guess...

O>wnership of your own damn problems
C>ourage and Conviction

Did you bring your "bag" with you? Can I see some? No, not yet? Okay then you can't watch or play Pokemon at my place.

Think you've hit on something here: We all like to talk a good game about "reviving the economy," but it seems the people who win elections lately are the ones who don't do anything positive for the economy. While at the same time, as you note, the human traits that might actually do something positive for it, are being diagnosed as LDs.

Anonymous said...

I have ADHD and proper levels of medication help me bring my creative ideas to reality.

Without the meds, I have a hard time focusing on implementation, rather than creativity.

Too high a dose impacts creativity too much.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

And those are the men who are loathed by modern society. The hatred is far worse than when I was young. And there's a paucity of people willing to speak up for them.

Joe America said...

ADHD and the many other labels are not a disorders they are the natural variations in cognition. The widespread drugging of young children, usually boys, will be looked at in the far future as immoral and moronic. They will think how could they been so stupid. Sort of like in the past missionaries widely giving morphine pills to Chinese to cure there opium addiction.

Why America has been the engine of more progress and human improvement is because we have higher numbers of these kinds of people.