Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Death of HR

Good news everyone!

Inefficient systems, in the ideal economic world, are replaced by efficient ones.

For example bike couriers were replaced with e-mail attachments that made large paper documents they'd normally deliver (blueprints, legal documents, etc).

Horses were replaced by mass-produced cars from Henry Ford.

And land line phones were replaced by cell phones...unless you're my parents.

But for the life of me I could never understand why such a dysfunctional and damaging system or (COUGH COUGH WHEEZE WHEEZE )"profession" like HR has lingered as long as it has.  Heck, aside from affirmative action, I can't imagine why it got started in the first place.

Well rejoice Cappy Cappites, for the free market has come up with a way to circumvent those math-hating, subjective judging, mindless ditzes in the HR department.  Apparently those wonderful men and women in HR have such a bad PR problem it's driven an entrepreneurial type to set up a labor market outside the traditional HR dominated one.

Want to find an employee?  Go here.

Want to find a qualified worker?  Go here.

Want to find a company that's professional and smart enough NOT to have an HR department, signifying their hiring managers are serious about recruiting the talent they need?  Go here.

It almost, ALMOST, makes me want to start applying for jobs again, but, eh, that would mean I'd have to work and pay taxes.


Eric B said...

Can this site expand into other fields like engineering?

Uncle Elmer said...

I described methods of circumventing HR in my tortuous Spearhead essays "Employment Game".

I have recently relocated and am using the tactics to find new work. In no way will filling out online job apps or interacting with "HR" functions result in work.

What amazes me is that my photo and contact info is on the website for a "high-tech" company I work for, yet in the last two years not one person has had the initiative to send me a resume or letter seeking an informational interview. As easy as it is your competition is not doing this simple
act of self-determination and instead is entering their personal data and resume into the infernal HR portals that most companies use.

Basic tactic : find contact names in your industry and approach them through mail or phone call. Email is not recommended.

As one guy put it : If you aren't going in the back door, you're not going in.

Bob Wallace said...

HR departments are worthless. They weren't in the past when they were run by men. Now they are run by women and they don't know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

My company doesn't have an HR department. We have a couple smart young people who handle all the insurance stuff. One of them also provides info on rules of conduct, etc. And department supervisors handle any other personnel issues. If I have a problem, I have two different people I can talk to about it and both are responsive and trustworthy. Works great.

Anonymous said...

HR has a number of historical functions preceding the civil rights laws that led to affirmative action. Labor relations duties stretch back to the 19th century, and comprehensive benefits emerged as a way to circumvent wage and price controls imposed during WWII. As such, recruiting is probably HR's least obnoxious function.

What I'd like a list of companies that don't impose stupid policies and pay me in cash (or gold). If they did that, I wouldn't care if they had an HR department or not.

Anonymous said...

I had one interview with an HR guy. We talked a bit, then he put papers clips, pencils, an eraser and the like on the table before me then he excused himself.


Don't remember what the job was I was interviewing for.