Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Morning Quarter Backing Is Trolling

I'll be brief and blunt because I'm riding to Alaska on a motorcycle, have to maximize daylight and plain don't have the patience.

I have written pieces in the past that, though about women, were NOT about trying to date them or bed them.

However, because they WERE about women, the "Monday Morning Quarterbackers" come out of the wood work and start critiquing game, telling me what I should have done, etc. etc., when the whole point of the post was NOT about gaming a girl, but something else.

For example, this post here at ROK.

Though I am very grateful to have it posted and read by many, the comment section completely misses the forest from the trees and immediately goes into "post game analysis show."

Thus I call BS.

In not being able to accept, realize, and appreciate the point I was trying to make, and IMMEDIATELY go into a "post game show analysis" on how "I failed to ignore them" or "how I didn't do X or Y," it only further convinces me that the manosphere is honeycombed with wanna be's, keyboard jockeys, and "manosphere academians" who have no front line, real world, experience and merely wish to study it from the safety of the anonymous internet. 

They never approached a girl.

They never got shot down.

They never failed.

And consequently they have never succeeded.

Instead, they abuse the Manosphere and its composite sites as a mental treatment to vent, yell, scream, and then rationalize.  But they either lack the means, ability or will to actually take the advice, wisdom and/or observations of it and thus become talkers, not walkers.

Understand the Manosphere and the stories, data, anecdotes, etc., is not an academic study to be theorized about.  It's not a liberal arts program. It's not a Philosophy PhD department.  It's not a women's studies shelter.

It is a practical trade school giving you tools.  Tools that have been forged by other mens' experiences.

If you wish to take these observations, tools, wisdom, etc., to improve your life, great.  But if you wish to sit in school for the rest of your days, become a theoretician and never apply these practical lessons and bytes of wisdom we're giving you, and instead use it to explain, but never correct your failures, then admit you're a coward, a troll, a professor.  An academian who can't do, but will only teach and critique.

I do NOT want any readers making any comments on ROK.  I linked to it as it was only empirical evidence.  We will NOT annoy or start a troll war over there.  My thanks in advances.  Just wanted to point it out.


Adam said...

Hey, Captain Capitalism. This is Adam from ROK. Not sure if I'm one of these quarterback trolls you speak of, but know that my intent wasn't to critique your "game". Just to clarify, I understood that you weren't trying to game those women, I was simply trying to present the case from the their perspective. They most likely did not believe your true intentions and thus only agreed to hang out because they wanted you to eventually make the move. And after realizing your honesty, their egos became bruised and they blew you off in order to get their hamsters to tell them that they were the ones who sexually denied you. I don't know if that's exactly what was going through their heads, but I strongly feel that it was, speaking from personal experience. Again, I was well aware that you weren't trying to game those women so that post wasn't intended to be a critique of whatever you did or didn't do. I was just pointing out that their high-valued female minds most likely did not see you as a "friend" in the first place.

Captain Capitalism said...


You were certainly NOT the target of this post. It was the typically

"well you OBVIOUSLY didn't blah blah blah."

And I'm just picturing some fucktard moron who never got laid lecturing ME on how to game women.

I'm just angry because it's posers like that who ruin the legitimacy of the manosphere because they DO play into the feminst stereotypes of men who have never seen the swimsuit area of a woman.

Chris said...

Well, d'oh.

Being charming and nice to the average woman is part of the gentlemen's toolkit. Often there is NO intention of taking it further... you are simply trying to get a checkout counter person to smile by treating her as a human being not a droid you pay.

Most of the world knows that. Some people choking on the red pill are falling too far into everything being game they lose perspective.

They need to go to the gym until they are human enough to go dancing.

Wilko said...

Hallelujah. One of the worst aspects of Game forums is the tendency for most posters to infer all kinds of deficiencies about the OP and the OP's game based on one isolated incident. An incident which is probably an aberration anyway, because let's face it, why bother posting about something unless it was interesting or unexpected in some way?

On top of which, I notice that the much vaunted "abundance mentality" seems to go out the window whenever an OP dares to go off script and deviates, in some way, however small, from the playbook.

Seriously! What does it matter if some guy somewhere didn't extract every ounce of sexual potential out of some random interaction with a woman?!?!?! Is it projection? Are your own interactions with women so rare that you can't afford to blow one out of the water every now and again when it suits you?

I.M. said...

Too much of ROK is like that, unfortunately. I think it could have been a fairly good "aggregator" of manosphere articles and information, but too often it comes off as self-indulgent, focused too much on girl-chasing and paying scant attention to anything else. I'm not sure very many of the commentators over there could wrap their heads around someone who's essentially unplugged themselves not only from the Matrix, but even from Game.

Best illustration I can think of: to ROK's audience, Roosh is akin to God Himself, the ultimate evolution/manifestation/etc of Game. You are one of the few people I've read who can see that he's ultimately become a cautionary tale.

Matthew King said...

The "post game analysis show" is the entire raison d'etre of "manosphere" blogs, and ROK doesn't transcend that ethos despite publishing your contrarian piece. They call them "field reports."

Women are not men; therefore, women cannot be friends with men. It has little to do with her attractiveness. It has everything to do with her essential femininity.

Women, however, can be sisters, who respond to an agape love rather than the erotic version. Whether and how much a woman confuses the two loves depends on the man and the clarity of his own intentions. If you had seen your sister making a public spectacle, would you have let her be?

It is easy to believe beautiful women are beyond redemption, because redeeming them is hard. But manliness was designed to play with hypergamy, and no trail hiking buddy-buddy relationship will ever substitute.

Women must always and everywhere be dominated -- by dad, by brother, by husband -- or else they cease to be women.


Anonymous said...

"First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win."

Mahatma Gandhi

Black Poison Soul said...

Eventually they will grow out of that mentality and realise that it's not always about "banging the chick". Anyone with any sense will take it as an example of some women that you will run across: I certainly did.

Jose Romero said...

Cappy, Its just there are a lot of followers out there who wish they could do what you do. They criticize because they are hating. No matter where you go there will always be people like that every where you go even here in the manosphere.

which is why i always have said once the manosphere becomes mainstream all of these fuckers will come out of the woodwork. i dread the day when that happens.

dont worry about cappy you know you got skills just sit back smoke a cigar and have a bottle of rumpie and you will be fine!

enjoy your vacation!

handbanana said...

"university of man" in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally. Another thing these keyboard jockeys love to do that annoys the piss out of me is dissect your "alpha-ness". I just got done reading the linked article from The Rational Male called "Left Behind" and the 3rd comment down is

"So, a guy who only bangs one girl and marries at 19, then stays in the sofa and drinks beer alone at night is alpha? Right…
The dude is a classic dominant delta."

Is there a clearer way of showing that you don't live in the real world?