Monday, July 22, 2013

Logic and Truth are MEAN!

I always love how people think emotion overrules reality.  From our Christian Agent in the Field.:

Hi Mr. Clarey,

On the link below, a poster named "The Bechtloff" clearly and simply explained why many men have decided against marriage (due to the biased court system).  Please check the responses.

I don't see where they ever refuted his point, but they did get personal.

Clearly, he pointed out the high risk side of the risk/return equation.

This appears to be a Christian (churchian?) website.


Aussie Realist said...

And the attempts at government censorship of the internet in the West hits full speed:

How long before they blacklist sites without publicly declaring what it is they're blacklisting?

"We're blocking websites featuring stuff about Men's Rights because we've declared anything to do with Men's Rights to be against the best interest in the nation."

Carnivore said...

No, what would be mean is encouraging your readers to go over there and flood it with MGTOW comments.

Seriously, though, the people commenting there don't have a clue. They would be good to start out at Dalrock's, perhaps.

Carnivore said...

Speaking of not getting married, get a load of Sunday's Dilbert:

The Bechtloff said...

Good to see someone is listening.

C.J. Caswell said...

I admire your persistence, Bechtloff, keep it up.

Not that it'll do any good. They want men to be in a position of indentured servitude, and they just keep pushing. The lesson? The only sensible course of action is to stop listening to them completely.

Eric Mueller said...

I haven't spent enough time around Breakpoint lately to say they're churchian or not. Mostly they do daily audio commentaries and send out emails begging for money. Oh, wait, it's the typical ministry tactic of promising you a free gift in exchange for an offering, which would be a simple economic transaction outside of the 501(c)3 language.

Breakpoint commentaries used to be really good when Chuck Colson was doing them.

I can't get to any comments on that one, but the network at work is real screwy and I have to use an outdated version of IE at work.

amcz said...

I disagree with the "marriage strike" argument in that a lot of it isn't conscious. Society is not telling or encouraging people to get married, so they aren't. The current economic situation isn't helping either. Don't get me wrong, some men are deliberately avoiding marriage, but others just do it instinctively or due to laziness.

(Although I wonder if a number of single mothers aren't actually single. The couple don't get married and just claim she's single for the government benefits. For the most impoverished, it would make the most economic sense.)

Eric Mueller said...

amcz, it probably happens more often than you think. My ex-wife went on state benefits for herself and the children when I got laid off in 2010. When I got another job, it was out of state. The state benefits told her since I wasn't living in the house full time, she was eligible for the same benefits she'd get if she were single/divorced.

I have no idea if she's going to go back on state benefits as a divorced single mother.

I agree marriage "strike" is a bad term. It's not like we have a men's union, and we're not organizing. I kind of like the "Going Galt" image.