Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick

Could you imagine being married to this?

Just can't make it up folks.  Just can't make it up.


LS said...

Lol at your comment there.

ChrisP said...

I'm glad she is able to accept it is ok to be dependent of a man. She needs to accept that Gloria isn't so great too though. I wonder if she'll accept how much time she wasted and how much happiness she threw away.

My wife and I both depend on each other. Both our marriage and our jobs as parents can't be done without us cooperating and each working with our own strengths. That's why we are both in traditional roles. She stays home and takes care of the kids without losing her sanity (as I would) and I go out and earn the money we need to survive and enjoy life.

Southern Man said...

What's the problem? Men want a woman that needs them and depends on them. She's simply fulfilling his own needs.

Suzanne McCarley said...

Well. Who expected THAT? A middle aged woman furiously back pedaling (perhaps after a collision with a certain wall?) and deciding that Traditional Relationships are as good a deal for women, as they USED TO BE for men.

Nice that it's working out for her, but does she have any idea whatsoever how rare her luck is?

Anonymous said...


Well, ever since the "liberation" of women, you've had this.

My wife's boss has a very lucrative career (my wife is a babysitter/housekeeper/looks after the animals in her house) and looks after her kids. Now, this very successful woman has hit the wall and went through it (she's in her early 50s). My wife, on the other hand, is in her early 20s. The career woman is now treating her like garbage as a result of being worried that she'll steal her beta hubby (who is a few years older), who is a CFO. Now, these folks are very well off and hire a dozen people to take care of random things around the house while they're working.

I mean, if she were to accept a slightly lower standard of living and look after at least 75% chores of the house (not including looking after their two toddler girls, yup she had 'em in late 40s...), she would have a bigger piece of mind and wouldn't be such a neurotic psycho... but no.

Oh well, she can thank feminism for losing some sleep...

Anonymous said...

Married to that? Shoot me.

Quartermain said...

Another illustration of how truth can be sillier than fiction.

Anonymous said...

I feel great schadenfreude when I hear some over-40 lady whining that she is alone and miserable: newsflash, you brought it upon yourself by your own personality. You dated the bad boys and rejected the nice guys, and now everybody is rejecting you. Living without some sort of human support is miserable, which is why most of these feminists turn into cranky old nutters who get eaten by their cats when they die because nobody else cares about them.

Anonymous said...

Ha-Ha! I like the way the author thanks the Captain for his comment, and his "spreading the message"..

.. but the message isn't what she thinks it is..

Ironic - doncha think?


ChrisP said...

Another thing I didn't mention that I think helps my relationship work is that I'm 12 years older than my wife and we hitched up when she was quite young and became damaged goods.

Because I'm older and (she accepts also) somewhat wiser we aren't exactly equal in our relationship but she has her way in every case were it is not a problem, exactly as women did in the past when they were supposedly suffering under awful patriarchy.

Her benefits to marrying a guy older than herself is, I'm not a flake, Between the two of us someone has a clue about whatever it is, I can provide enough for her to be a stay at home mom, she was more attracted to mature men than her own age anyway.

If I hadn't married her about 10 years ago I'd still likely be looking for a young lady in her 20s with her qualities that rejects what modern women are supposed to be.