Friday, July 26, 2013

Don't Let Women Land You In Jail

She was screaming at the top of her lungs on I-35W southbound right at the intersection where I-94 intersected.

It was rush hour.

I had to make a move to make my exit to westbound 94.  I needed the entirety of my mental capacity and senses.

But she was so fanatical it impaired my ability to drive to the point it now was a serious threat to my safety which resulted in the only time in my life I made a physical threat to a woman.

"I will fucking beat the fucking shit out if you don't shut the fuck up right fucking now!"

I said it with more emphasis, sincerity and anger than what Blogger text formatting will allow, so please do believe me that I was a micrometer from punching this veritable child into a bloody pulp.  It was that bad, it was that serious, and I was that close from pulling over and just beating the ever living hell out of a Californian suburbanite princess.

But appreciate that statement.

I REALLY WAS a micrometer from beating the hell out of her.

I REALLY WAS so angry I would have not relented.

And had I just a mere brain cell or life-experience less or two, I would have followed through with that threat.  She'd be on the side of 35W, a twitching soon-to-be-quadriplegic corpse as I drove off happy to be rid of her.

Now ask yourself the question - what would the consequences have been?

Well, the consequences are quite obvious.

I would have been in jail and this vile woman would have been scot-free (albeit "twitchy").

Another interesting anecdote, and not unrelated either, she married a guy I knew and liked.  And while I feel sorry for him, he is the first guy to ever invite me to a party where I saw lines of cocaine lined up.  And while I had quite an amiable relationship with his young fellow, I can only imagine what would have happened had the cops busted down the door when everybody was snorting coke.

Now I could go on.

The time I sucker punched (unjustifiably so) a guy who took my gas station spot.
The time I taunted a guy at a bar for collecting welfare and living off of his dad for tuition.
The time I told a rowdy and drunk cowboy that the girl who was hitting on me wasn't his woman and I'd take her home if I damn well pleased.

There are many instances.

But every instance was a RAZOR SHARP instance and pure dumb luck that the dice didn't roll the other way, with me landing in jail with a criminal record, vs. the other way where I luckily find myself now.  And I say that with the most sincerity.  I should have a criminal record, but it was only by pure dumb luck I don't.

So you young men listen to my following wisdom.

1.  No girl is worth getting into legal trouble for.  I don't care what it takes to override your biological, Darwinistic predisposition, you NEED to learn to control your emotions when it comes to women.  This is the NUMBER ONE thing your brain is wired to vehemently react to.  You must learn to IDENTIFY IT  and CONTROL it. 

You find your girl sleeping with another man in your own bed.  You have a pistol on your person.  You MUST learn not to shoot the man in bed with your girl.  Because NOTHING good will come of you killing that man.

The (again, I use it rarely, but accurately) cunt is SCREAMING at the top of her lungs for some unjustifiable reason or another while you're driving on the interstate.  Do you pull over and beat the hell out of her, or do you take a deep breath, think things through, and in a very zen like fashion ignore her decibels, drive her home, drop her off, and never see her again as you pursue your own life?  Again, what are the consequences to succumbing to your darwinistic desires to pull over and beat her?


Whatever the instance, you must have the adult, TRUE MAN, maturity to dismiss and ignore such drama and antics, side step such traps, and ensure you remain a free man, outside of the prison system so you can enjoy the finite life you've been graced with.

2.  Simply do not associate with even QUESTIONABLE people. 

I really don't believe that most people in jail are there because they were hardened criminals.  I believe many of them are there because they were innocent bystanders.  They had a tacit interest, their friend was being assaulted, their girlfriend needed her "honor" defended, whatever, they were the wrong man at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The key is to avoid such "wrong people" and such "wrong situations" from the get go. 

When it comes to the point cocaine lines are starting to show, you go.

When the jealous lawyer who is married (true story) starts to wine and dine your girl, you go.

When your friend needs you to lie for him to provide an alibi you go.

Your life is not meant to be wasted away in a 6 x 7 cell because you were hanging out with the wrong people, so just make sure you don't even associate with such people.

The larger point is that if you look at most people with criminal records or who end up in jail unjustifiably so, they all have one thing in common - they didn't have the good sense or self-respect to say, "You know what, these people I'm hanging out with are bad news.  And even though I'm a good guy/gal, their activities could get me in trouble.  Be it by association, drama, jealousy, rage, or foolish antics, it isn't worth it."

You need to learn to walk away and never associate yourself with such people in that it only will increase your chance of having a criminal record.


Keads said...

Excellent post. As you say, "stay frosty". Me? Well lets just say a woman could have gotten me into a domestic violence situation. Just happened to be the soon to be divorced one with a separation agreement already executed. State laws vary guys!

So. I came to the realization real quick all she had to do was run back into the house, smack her head on a wall and call the cops. If she did that before the gopro cam era, I was going to jail. Period. She tried that.

As you say. Stay Frosty.

evilwhitemalempire said...

what are the consequences to succumbing to your darwinistic desires to pull over and beat her?

you speak wisdom

BUT what do you think the LONG TERM consequences are, and have been, by so many of us NOT succumbing to our Darwinian desires?

that is, what disservice to mankind (as a group) are we doing ,by not hitting her, in order to avoid punishment for ourselves?

not advocating anything here but I do think it's important that we all understand how we got into this situation we're in to begin with

MoscowEast said...

Wise words.

dannyfrom504 said...

on a side note-

my brother-in-law did something that warranted a serious ass whipping. but my mom intentionally kept the details and facts hidden from me until after my sister had divorced him.

Practical Parsimony said...

This should be a printed handout for everyone.

earl said...

Learn to forgive...but never forget the lessons.

Mark L said...

Your advice isn't exactly new.

In "The Young British Soldier" Kipling states:

If the wife should go wrong with a comrade, be loath
To shoot when you catch 'em -- you'll swing, on my oath! --
Make 'im take 'er and keep 'er: that's Hell for them both,
An' you're shut o' the curse of a soldier.
Curse, curse, curse of a soldier . . .

Anonymous said...

I did something a few years ago while intoxicated on two different things which would have resulted in a life-changing punishment had I gotten caught. I see that as my one "stay frosty" warning and I have minded my P's and Q's since.

(PS I didn't hurt or kill anyone.)

B said...

Most people in jail are knuckleheads....Folks who cannot control their impulses and therefore do something stupid.

THe rest are the true 'bad guys".

Like you, but for the grace of God, I'd have a record.

Hopefully, I am smarter now.

Anonymous said...

I was actually in that same situation.

I compromised with myself. I put my hand over her mouth. It shocked her into silence.

She told her mother I slapped her silly. Yet somehow there were no marks. Her mother didn't buy her BS.

I took her back 3 weeks later after she apologized. I really shouldn't have.

If I had to do it over again I'd pull over at the earliest opportunity, park the car, and start walking away, car keys in hand.

Anonymous said...

Or on the slab:

Anonymous said...

I have a wonderful situation at work. Female co-worker decided it was fun to have a screaming jag at me as she was coming off shift and I was coming on. I fought the urge to slap her into whiplash, stayed frosty, and now she feels entitled to smart off or talk rough in front of everyone with impunity. She tried to get me fired by complaining to the boss that I have turbo stink and she can't stand it. He knew I was odorless and blew off her trifling. "Forget her. I've worked next to you. You're right in front of me now. You. Don't Smell. Now quit worrying." He just got fired, and here's the new boss' take.

"You need to take better care to wash before work."

"I shower and wear fresh clothes to work daily. I'm next to you right now. Am I odorless? I'll stand in front of the fan and you let me know if a single smell comes off of me."

"It doesn't matter that I don't smell anything or find you offensive; she does, and you need to quit offending her sense of smell, so be clean about yourself. I don't want to have to write you up for repeat offenses."

Need I say the last boss was a man and the current one is a woman? I hate to be sexist, but life experience makes me so more and more each day.

adiaforon said...

Two things on this:

1. A good friend of mine once knew this chick from their HS days. She was athletic, popular, good-looking, and cheerful as a teenager. Then, she got in with the wrong crowd -- doing weed, drinking, etc. She ballooned in weight, shacked up with the wrong guys, had a kid out of wedlock, and lived in a trailer park for the better part of her adult life.

Now, my friend tells me that she's dying. She's over 40 and seems to have wasted her life. Fortunately, he never got involved in that lifestyle.

2. The screaming bitch on the way home scenario is something I've experienced. She was passive-aggressive after visiting her sister and brother-in-law in Michigan one summer. She said nothing, and neither did I. Since she made a deal out of paying for gas, when she dropped me off at my place, I threw $5 on the passenger's seat and got out of the car, without saying another word. Then, 30 minutes later, she tried calling me. I didn't answer.

So, that was one instance where being equally passive-aggressive seemed to work for me.

Heh said...

"The (again, I use it rarely, but accurately) cunt is SCREAMING at the top of her lungs for some unjustifiable reason or another while you're driving on the interstate."

That's when you calmly pull over.

And tell her to get the hell out of your car.

MidKnight said...

Your last point about "questionable people" and common sense deserves to be repeated.

Also - under a much broader "learn to recognize bad sitations and get the hell out of them before they explode" it's worth pointing to:

He hammers a similar point home over and over again about learning to differentiate between "feelings hurt" and "fight or die". And learning to be aware of what's going on, and to get yourself out of it.

Take The Red Pill said...

"Your life is not meant to be wasted away in a 6 x 7 cell because you were hanging out with the wrong people, so just make sure you don't even associate with such people."

Words to live by, Cap'n! I think I'll put that on a plaque and hang that prominently above my mantle.

lelnet said...

Also worth noting that, if you find yourself with someone like that in your car (through prior poor judgment on this front, which you will correct at the earliest opportunity), you will probably go to jail if you pull over the car and beat her up. (And if you do that, sorry, but you deserve to.)

But you will _not_ go to jail if you pull over the car, throw her out of it, and then drive off on your own. :)

Anonymous said...

Gonna show this one to Son #1-thanks

Anonymous said...

This is an oustanding post and I concur 100%. I also concur 100% with "evilwhitemalempire" (above) that some things are WORTH going to jail for.


I would have PAID to see it. But even more importantly you'll notice 9 out of 10 men DID NOT (and would not) hit a woman back -- even when she is begging for it and throwing punches.

"violence against women?"
Clearly there isn't ENOUGH of it.
Clearly there is WAY too much chivalry in the world.

You can bet your next 10 paychecks that if these modern b*tches KNEW that 10/10 men WILL hit them back .... we wouldn't be in this tragic mess - and they wouldn't even DARE behave with impunity the way they do.

"Being the better man" and TOTALLY IGNORING a b*tch and opting out is very sensible advice -- but not to stay out of jail, or protect yourself. Men need to adopt this line of thinking to hold those fists back FOR A MORE IMPORTANT REASON.

Not to avoid prison --- but you destroy women more effectively from the inside out.

Women throw punches and behave badly FOR attention. After all, when you are BEATING her, yelling at her, losing your temper with her, technically you are still "paying attention to her" which is what she WANTS! That's why a man should never do it.

It's not to stay out of jail.

Because bruises heal.
But abandonment issues are forever.

Remember the GodFather PART II. Al Pacino Hit Diane Keaton so hard he practically came off the floor he was so angry. And justifiably. She deliberately angered him to a boiling point and his hand flew on it's own.

Then.... later in the movie, he learned what REAL "power" is.
He adopted the attitude: "I could... but I won't."

Later in the movie... she shows up to see her children and is standing in the doorway. Pacino says nothing. Doesn't even blink. Calmly walks up to the door, and slowly and quietly closes the door in her face.


This is the key to destroying women.
It isn't hate and rage. It's complete and total indifference.

Women are not hurt when men hit and yell at them. They are SATISFIED by this. Some - like Rhianna -- are even mentally sick enough to be turned on by it and go back for more! Many women actually look back and SMILE after they are hit because their core belief system ("all men are violent abusers") is now validated. They WANT to anger you to the point where you will LOSE it. She gets a very sick and creamy sense of satisfaction out of it. THat's why she does it! Sean Connery knows:

Women simply lose their minds when they don't get attention. They would rather you BEAT them than ignore them. She wants to be able to say "AHA!!! SEE??? I TOLD YOU!! MEN REALLY ARE VIOLENT ABUSERS!!!"

You must NEVER give her this satisfaction. But you don't do it to stay out of jail... you do it for the more IMPORTANT reason. To destroy her more effectively from the inside. And it's less effort. With more effective results.

Anonymous said...


THE SOLUTION: You look at her with a calm smile and say in a soft, barely audible and deep tone.... "I have no problem spending a couple of nights in jail for the deep satisfaction I would get from bashing your fucking face in until you are unrecognizable."

Deliver it properly - and there will never be a need to use violence. Nor will she ever try anything with you. Guaranteed. THIS is the message that men must communicate - in everything we do, from your body language to your tone of voice. Even your T-shirt can say the same thing.

The long term effects of this & MGTOW is much more effective and devastating to women. Men are walking away at an EPIC RATE never before seen in history! Keep it up gents. And enjoy the decline. Women are more miserable than ever.

Thank you for the manspiration.
I frequently enjoy your blog.