Saturday, July 13, 2013

Smithers, Prince George, Jasper, and Revelstoke

Howdy Canadian Lieutenants!

I'm starting the second leg of my journey and am seeing if anybody is in the aforementioned towns (or towns in that general area).  I'm essentially heading to Hyder Alaska and then drop south towards Kamloops/Revelstoke and then into Idaho.  Love to grab a beer or something stronger.

Let the ole Captain know if you're in the area.



Alex said...

I live just outside of Kamloops. Come see some marmots!

BDFT said...

You're just going to Hyder? That's cheating. Real men ride all the way to Alaska proper.
Hyder is only a 3 hour ride from Smithers which is the last real civilization you will encounter.
Make sure you fuel up at the Petrocan at the Hwy 16/Hwy 37 junction. You are on your own after that.

JoshuaN said...

If you swing your way over towards Seattle, there's some very tasty stronger drinks crafted here. I used to live in Moscow, though, if you drive down through there be sure to stop - a couple decent bars and its quite quiet in the summer since the students are all gone.