Thursday, July 25, 2013

Revenge on the Left

In my effort to enjoy the decline, I focus some of my energies on watching and appreciating the various ways leftists suffer.  For example, it is no secret, I very much enjoy watching feminists who swallowed whole the entire ideology, only to live miserable, lonely, and unaccomplished lives.  I enjoy watching leftist students major in worthless crap only to end up working at as a barrrrrrista, their lives now financially crippled, which is also a HUGE crushing blow to their precious little egos which have been pampered since day 1.  I enjoy "ists" who blame their failures on sexists, racists, misogynists, ageists, and any other bogeyman, which condemn them to lives of hopelessness, which in turn guarantees they'll never succeed. 

There are plenty of pounds of flesh out there for the normal, sane, conservative or libertarian to enjoy as they watch their leftists cousins deal with and suffer from what is literally insanity.

But let me give you another little morsel of revenge.  A morsel you may not be able to enjoy fully now, but will be as time progresses.

The teachers union.

Teachers and educational administrators, for the most part, but not all of them, are overpaid, glorified baby sitters.  There are very few "educators" or "scholars" who genuinely care to educate the future.  Most went into teaching because it was:

1.  an easy job
2.  required little to no math (unless you were a math/science/STEM teacher)
3.  and you got summers off

That's the truth and you public educators can stop cowardly hiding behind "but it's for the children."  The jig is up, you've been exposed, you are pretty much some of the lowest form of vermin in this country as you are genuinely abusing children, you're not fooling anyone, so own up to it.

However, there is another juicy little irony about teachers and teacher unions types - they always vote for socialism/leftism/government.

The reason this is ironic is because while that may ensure more money for their baby-sitting career, because of the policies enacted by the leftist politicians (which they voted for) society has started to deteriorate.  Specifically, the quality and caliber of people are decreasing over time with each successive, and increasingly, fatherless, generation.  And once Suzie Jones-Smith is bored with the rigamarole of giving birth and child rearing, she's going to drop off her ill-reared, improperly brought up, guaron-freaking-teed to be a problem child, child at the public schools for the teachers to deal with.

In other words, teachers, by them essentially voting to replace the family with the state, are ensuring future generations of children are lower quality and therefore poorer students.  They will be less disciplined, will have more problems, will be less obedient, will have less respect for authority and in short will make their baby-sitting career absolute hell.  Teachers 20 years from now will not be dealing with children of the 1950's, obedient, sitting in their chairs, listening to the wisdom of their elders, aspiring to work for NASA and go into STEM, but rather will be dealing with something more representative of a Chicago proper school where it's a quasi baby sitting operation/juvie-prep-school.

The only thing that makes it better is that by their own left-voting hand, they've made sure their industry is RIFE with progressive credentialism, now requiring teachers essentially get masters to do a job any high school graduate with a 3.0 could do.  This, combined with the debt they pay to get that Masters in Baby Sitting, should put a smile on any real American looking for some pound of flesh for the havoc the teachers unions have wreaked upon the US.

Enjoy the decline!


Old Broad said...

Don't be shy, Cappy. Tell us what you rilly thinka them dang lib'rals.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this was a pretty good strategy until recently. All those teachers needed to do was retire and then die of old age before the whole rotten edifice came crashing down. Alas, now things have reached a state where that crash can't be postponed beyond your 80th birthday so you just might live long enough to reap what you've sown.

Shameful said...

Sorry Cap wrong here. All totalitarian societies pay the enforcers and teachers. If the kids are unruly they will hit them with drugs until they are zombies. The teachers are a protected class and the average serf will be starving in the gutter before a teacher comes to harm from the state. It is in the teachers best interest to abuse the kids, more power to the state and less thinkers. Sure will collapse but that problem is in the future, and even then only a problem if we go Yugoslavia.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I get a kick of teachers unions. Chicago was the best recent example.

Go on strike/protest before the Presidential election to get more money. More money was given.

6 months later Chicago blows their school budget and they have to close schools.

Teachers can't understand what happened so they start protesting.

Anybody that doesn't have their heads up their ass can understand what happened.

handbanana said...

now if only there was a way for our children to enjoy the decline without suffering through state sanctioned indoctrination.

perhaps... home schooling?

Eric Mueller said...

They've constructed quite a system for themselves. A woman in a church group I meet with got a Master's degree to teach art. (I don't recall the art class I was forced to take in 6th grade being that difficult). Well, she quickly found there are no jobs for art teachers in the local school systems.

The bureaucracy then told her if she gets a Master's in special education, there are jobs. She didn't want to be a special education teacher; she wanted to be an ART teacher, but obediently enrolled in the special ed Master's program.

It blows my mind why so many people put up with that simply because they think they "want to help children". Wow, if only there existed another way to help children than teach in a public school...

Leftists are nothing if not unimaginative.

Anonymous said...

My mother with a 1930s Grade 12 from a rural school in Saskatchewan taught be how to read and that was in the 1960s so the decline in the teaching professional has been happening for a long, long, long time.

One of the benefits of having surgery this past year is that I had to move my office upstairs and I get to see who goes to work and at what time. Anyone in the private sector is leaving at the latest 7:30 a.m. and you don't seem them again until about 6 p.m. The three teachers on the crescent - it is rare if they leave anytime before 8:30 a.m. and they are always back from 'work' at no later than 4 p.m. Yes, they 'might' do marking/prep for the next day at home, but any teacher than has been teaching for more than a couple of years has their teaching plans/lessons in place

crash the system said...

"Sorry Cap wrong here. All totalitarian societies pay the enforcers and teachers."

so, in 1990 the former soviet union unleashed the dogs of war and killed millions? no, it died with nary a wimper.

we call pull that off here if we try hard enough. er, i mean, stop trying at all.

enjoy the decline.

Anonymous said...

Let’s call the Leftists for what they truly are: Neo-Socialists