Friday, July 19, 2013

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

But the boyfriend could.


Anonymous said...

Snort...choke....snert....LOL They LOOK like they're from Indiana!!!!
And what's with the pic of him and his fingers!?!? Does he have arthritis?


Anonymous said...

Look at the face on that guy! The only thing that could make him look like even more of a loser would be visible tattoos (I bet he has a few).

See that guys - it's an empowrrrd womyn making her own choices! Who needs a responsible man in their life when they can have Jeremiah!
She was probably somewhat pretty when she was younger, so I wonder how many nice guys she turned down before she met this gem.

Aussie Realist said...

Here's a suggestion for women who've hit the wall:

What a celebration in individuality. Best part for her: the state pays for the upkeep of the bridge!

Bill said...

Ahhh... the new Americans. They're happy sweethearts almost as wonderful as the "Aspiring Rapper" and his honey. America's future! Enjoy the decline folks. These people are our inheritors. There is something just about it all. :)

Pax Empyrean said...

Oh my gosh, look at these douchebags.