Monday, July 08, 2013

Stay Frosty, Boys

There ARE some women out there who will trick you into getting them pregnant.

When I was younger I thought it so wrong, deceitful and evil that only a very small minority of psycho-paths would do such a thing.  It is more common than you think.

Stay frosty, boys!  Stay the freak frosty.


Anonymous said...

There are some really fucked up people out there.
That post was unreal.

Acksiom said...

Or you could get active:

They say they're on track for market release in 2015. . .and human trials in 2014. So those who get into the trials might only have to stay frosty another 1.5 years at most.

And since RISUG appears safely reversible, I suspect Vasalgel will be as well.

dhill said...

Why do you think people underestimate the prevalence of this. I see no evidence for this.

Aussie Realist said...

Stay REALLY frosty:

It's interesting to see that we read about more cases of women trying to hire hitmen to kill their husbands than the other way around.
Perhaps feminists can claim biased reporting, like how male teachers having sex with female students are vile rapists and female teachers have sex with male students are in 'forbidden affairs':

Black Poison Soul said...

Guys, this isn't even new - it's been happening for decades.

Just take a look at "unplanned pregnancy" statistics. Approx 40% of births are a result of a "whoopsie surprise" - this despite the pill having a scientifically-proven <1% failure rate.

While a hair away from entrapment, this is very similar - and betcha that momma planned it deliberately so she doesn't have to work.

Aussie Realist said...

Here's another link for you:

Notice how the women are portrayed as victims when the men don't "grow up", and as victors if they do.
No mention of how dishonest it is, just a vague mention of it being an "accidental shove".