Thursday, July 11, 2013

Off to Alaska

Leaving this morning in about 20 minutes.

Blogging will of course be limited as blogging from a motorcycle is problematic.

Again, if you're in the Canadian Rockies area, let the old Captain know.

Also if anybody lives in Smithers or Smith, BC, a couch would help out TREMENDOUSLY from a logistical standpoint.

And yes, I did pack my Iron Man pajamas in case I have to camp in the cold.


Anonymous said...

I live in Trois-Rivières, Canada. I would happily let you stay at my home.

BDFT said...

I live just west of Smithers. Never heard of Smith BC. I take it you are headed up Hwy 37. Nothing but miles and miles of miles and miles. Trees and rocks and rocks and trees. Actually, that pretty much sums up most of northern BC, Yukon and Alaska. Can't offer you a couch though, I spend too much time working in one of those evil mines you hear so much about.