Sunday, October 25, 2015

Actually, a Real Solution to Obamacare

Will be looking into this.


Unknown said...

This is really interesting, have you visited the site? Wow. I've always been refuting my leftist friends by saying that a statist solution is a lazy, parasitic one. In regards to healthcare, we need to wait for a capitalistic innovation instead of the one we are pushing; the idea that if we all pay for it the problem "goes away", or, rather, is out of site, out of mind. I'll be looking more into this as I leave college and venture out into the world. Thanks for the share.

Unknown said...

However, I'd like to add, how can a non-profit expand its business? And, I'm wondering, is that their saving grace, as far as cost goes? They say on the website that their business costs run 12% as opposed to other private insurance companies, which run 30%. And if that's the case, maybe this idea is not that innovative. Its success may be do to its non-profit status and not its "sharebox" account idea. I could be jumping the gun on it though..

Dan said...

Stop looking at O'care as a form of's NOT. It's a tax. Plain and simple. It does not exist to provide or facilitate care. It exists to transfer wealth, power and control from the private sector to the government. Once that transfer is complete, the private insurance sector of healthcare is defunct and all
Americans are beholden to Uncle Sugar in DC to pay for their healthcare the CONTROL
part of the plan comes in to play. Oppose those in power.....NO DOCTOR VISIT FOR YOU.

Anonymous said...

Health insurance disgusts me. Okay, taking away the pre-condition provision was a good move, since it makes no sense to keep people in crap jobs just because they couldn't get insurance at a new employer. However, health insurance has and will always be an overpriced joke since it is set up where "mommy and daddy" only have to pay $20 (or no) co-pay for preventative care. You don't use car insurance when you want to get your car's oil changed, so using health insurance on a $200-$300 visit to the doctor's makes insurance a hell of a lot more expensive than it needs to be.

We used to have nice catastrophe plans where, yeah, you'd pay out of pocket on the first $10k or so annually, but the premium was like $50 a month. Look at the bronze plan under Obamacare. It's pretty much the same thing, but at x10 the cost and setup in this weird-ass tax credit system. An hilariously, if you want to pay for health insurance but don't make enough (say $20k a year), then you can't get the "tax credits" and are expected to pay full price ($400+ monthly easily) or go on Medicaid. Oh, and the "annual out of pocket limit" is still pretty close to what the catastrophe plans had. So x10 increase in cost, x100 increase in complications of using the system and needing to fill out additional tax forms, all for plans that are worse than what you could get on the cheap before.

Oh, and you all do know about the scam where colleges are forcing everyone to have health insurance to attend? Thankfully, you can use your student loans to pay for them (LOL), and the plans are easily $2k-$3k a year with a lifetime use cap of $100k: an even crappier deal than Obamacare! (ROFL)

And yes, the tax credits and "increased cost sharing" are nice if you are eligible for them, but you'd better not have your income go up. Health insurance credits "caps out" at a certain level of income, but honestly, I think it's a frigging joke when the "off the shelf" price for 2 healthy, young 30 year olds is more a month than a mortgage.

On Liberty HealthShare and similar services, they honestly seem a worse deal than what's out there. Too high a chance for things to get rejected. Got in a wreck but have a drink in your system? No payouts for you! The prices are around the "off the shelf" Obamacare rates anyway, so may as well join since you have a better chance of being covered for that event where you actually need health insurance under Obamacare...

However, don't mention this stuff on any of the "frugality" or "money saving" sites. The assholes will count sheets of toilet paper to save fractions of fractions of a penny, but take offense to being told that paying $400-$600 a month on health insurance, regardless of "egalitarian ideals" is a ripoff for everyone.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to health care, doctors are worthless because

1) If it's not serious it will heal by itself, you don't need the doctor
2) If it is serious, you are fucked the doctor cannot help you

I HATE doctors with a passion. The lowest slime on earth.